Cricut Deals, Cricut Joy, Cricut Maker, And Supplies On Sale!

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Cricut Sale, time! Are you looking for deals on Cricut Crafting supplies, machines and tools? We are sharing our favorite, Cricut Deals going on right now! Cricut Labor Day sales and extended sales. Grab the Cricut Joy Deal! And yes, the Cricut Maker is on sale too! Or stock up on Cricut crafting supplies.

Right now is the perfect time for stocking up on your favorite crafting supplies. Maybe even slip something into your cart for a crafter’s Christmas gift. Crafters love Cricut! It’s perfect for crafting indoors, you can make so many things with Cricut. I’ve shared a Cricut craft projects I’ve made later in the post. 

Cricut Deals 

Cricut Deals - Cricut Joy Deal compact die cutting machine will have you crafting in minutes. Plus, Cricut supplies, totes...Find out more grab discount codes...- DearCreatives.com

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Cricut Joy is on sale!

Don’t miss this deal for the Cricut Joy!

This is the first time I have seen the Cricut Joy priced at this low price! Even cheaper than Cricut Joy on Amazon If you are looking for a compact, yet powerful die cutting machine you need to see this. It’s perfect for making banners, cards, stickers, and labels…

Cricut Maker Deal

Shop all the deals on Cricut Makers!

You might remember when I wrote about the Cricut Maker sale. If you missed that post I went into the details of several machines and helpful Cricut tools! 

What’s The Difference Between the Cricut Maker and the Cricut Joy? 

  • The Cricut Maker is a larger machine and can cut projects in the size ranges that fit into this category 12 inches x 2 feet and cuts 300 materials. (full details on comparison chart) 
  • The Cricut Joy is smaller and great for making cards and long banners. It cuts materials that fit into this category of 5.5 inches x 20 feet. (full details on comparison chart)
  • The Cricut Maker needs a cutting mat for projects. Works with the home printer to print then cut out printed images perfectly. 
  • The Cricut Joy – Works with Smart Materials for long, continuous cuts without a cutting mat but, needs a mat for cutting cards. Can not print. 
  • The Cricut Explore is also on the comparison chart see it to find out what die cutting machine is right for you! 

What is on sale at Cricut? 

  1. If you like crafting on the go and own any of the Cricut machines… grab Cricut totes at 50% off! Go have a crafting session with your bestie. 

  2. Save 30% of select paper for crafting with your Cricut. Make cards, flowers, paper banners, party items…

  3. Save 20% on bulk items! Buying bulk is a great way to save, plus have Cricut supplies you need on hand for crafting. 

  4. Do you need tools for your Cricut crafting? Save Save 30% on Cricut Machine Tools

  5. Where to get iron-on materials? Save 30% on iron-on materials at Cricut

  6. And don’t forget to check out all the Cricut machines on sale

These items and more are on sale through 9-8. But, don’t worry if you miss these deals. Grab the most current sales, and deals Shop Sale Items From Cricut.

And all through September when you order get free shipping! Free Shipping on orders of $99 or more with promo code SEPSHIP

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I can’t wait to share a few new things we have been crafting with our Cricut

Happy Crafting! 

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