Count Down To Canning

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Dear Creatives, Happy Monday to you! It is hard to believe summer is winding down. The countdown to back to school is approaching & I even notice the days getting shorter. I really wanted to make it to the farmers market our little garden has only produced herbs, peppers & the tomatoes have a ways to go. I’ll be lucky if I get enough to can anything. ( it has been a somewhat mild summer until now)  But, canning will be on hold unless I get to the farmers market soon to gather some summer fruits like strawberries or raspberries that are so plentiful in this area. It is photographs like this that make me want to can like my grandmother did & share those skills with Sammie. It’s only a matter of time as I am counting down to my date with canning. Today I will be sharing some lovely images & links to recipes for when the day comes to get canning & stay tuned as I will be sharing a few of the recipes I made with my grandma too!


Vintage refrigerator jars that caught my eye & although I do love modern jam jars I would love to have a set of these in my kitchen.


Just thinking of handmade jams & labeling them to use through the winter has me wishing Sat. would come quicker. It actually rained here Sat. so it was a no go.

But, it is just a matter of time to gather all the things I need & get to canning. I think today I will reorganize my kitchen so I will be ready. In the meantime a few recipes to gather for the day & sale that lasts to 8-11 for canning needs!

Deals on Canning and Food Perserving Items Just in Time for Peak Canning Season

Canning Recipes:

Canning Raspberry delight –

Strawberry Jam

Step by Step How to Make Strawberry Jam & Recipe 

Step by Step Pickled Beets – Recipes, Tools Community & more

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Ball Jam Maker

Ball Jam Maker Features: Nonstick Coating, Automatic Shutoff, Countertop Size Includes: Recipes Care and Cleaning: Hand Wash Only, Dishwasher Safe Parts

I would love to test drive one of these jam makers! Have any of you?

Have you done any canning or preserving this summer? 

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    1. Thanks Cynthia, oh your blueberry spice sounds heavenly! Feel free to share recipe if you like in the community or with a link to your post if you blog (via link-up here) Thanks for stopping in! Hope to see you again.

  1. OH I love those vintage refrigerator jars! I am ready to start canning as well. I have strawberries in the freezer just waiting to be used for strawberry jam. I also have some blueberries that I will turn into blueberry pie filling. Our garden did ok but did not produce enough to make a real go at the canning so I also have to visit the local farmers market.

    1. Hi Michele, I love those jars too! You can find them on Etsy. Sounds like your garden produced like mine. I have never made a blueberry pie, in our house they like blackberries better. But I would love to make one at least once!

  2. your vintage jars look so awesome! as do the contents of your jars! i live in a hot humid climate with no air…so this is something i’ll probably not do again

    1. I have a lot of ladies sharing about making freezer jams with no cooking. You might check into that Annie (or) maybe you have inspired me to find out more about how to & share. It is pretty hot here this week & typically in August. Our growing season is long so I am sure to make at least one batch. Thanks for commenting!

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