Holy Jalapeno!! Grab Your Recipes & Glove Up!

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Dear Creatives, Maybe I have a case of Monday morning blues? Our weekend flew by! I thought I would have a post ready that is until I made the mistake of not wearing gloves when chopping jalapenos & they happened to be the hottest peppers in town! Oh, my pico de gallo! Super Good & hot, hot hot! But, then hours later the burning, redness & pain! I tried lime, milk, sour cream, rubbing alcohol & baking soda! Soaking, rubbing, rinsing & repeating for hours. Nothing but plain cold water, advil & sleeping through the night could only cure!

USDA Organic – Some Like It Hot! 

So all you want to be cooks. I recommend a food processor or chopping with GLOVES!!! Yes, I have some recipes coming, a diy & more! But today due to my silly mistake, which I pray & know will never happen again to me & hope never happens to you I am going to share a few things inspiring me! & since we are talking jalapeno, well lets just stay on the subject of those ripe for the picking, cooking & stuffing hot jalapenos!



Cowboy Candy 

I don’t know if I will be canning jalapenos any time soon, although like Calli my Mr. loves to plant way to many spicy peppers & can see using this recipe. It is the perfect step by step tutorial & recipe. Your mouth will be watering when you see the images of how she uses the canned jalapenos! & do take note she uses GLOVES!!!


Hummus & Parmesan Cheese Stuffed Jalapenos 

What I love about this tutorial just about as much as the jalapeno popper recipe is the way she fixed the tin pan for cooking them! Brilliant! But, remember use GLOVES!!!


Jalapeno Popper Grilled Cheese

My kids growing up on the California Coast are all about the heat when it comes to foods & this grilled cheese would be no exception! But, remember if you don’t want a lot of the heat put on your GLOVES & seed & pull out the membranes of the jalapeno!

I promise to share my chicken tortilla soup ( which has jalapenos) & other recipes soon! I thought I would share my recipe list I am looking through as I had bought a pound of jalapenos & only used two in my pico de gallo, soon to be shared recipe, that is later this month.

Here are a few more recipes:

The Best EverJalapeno Peppers

Jalapeno Recipes 25 New Ways

Peach & Jalapeno Pepper Jam

Simply Recipes “Jalapeno Index” 

Do you have a jalapeno recipe to share? or other recipe, craft, diy to share? Be sure to link up!

Have you ever made the mistake of not using gloves? Did you find a remedy? 

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