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I have a little summer garden planted. How about you? I would love to revisit canning a skill taught to me by my grandmother. No fancy books or recipes. Just home grown skills handed down from generation to generation.

canning labels, canning blueberries

Somehow it has lost its place in my home but not my heart.When I saw these pretty canning & freezer labels that were free printable s it sparked a renewed vow that this will be the summer that I will can goods from home.

When I do can this summer I plan on taking photographs, sharing them & the recipes I use. In the mean time I have collected a few recipes & images. *Note, the images will take you to the free tags and recipes. Sour Cherry Jam Recipe


With this apple pie filling recipe there is also an apple crisp recipe. If you don’t have trees just watch farmers markets & others for best  in season prices to can.


Basic Salsa 

I hope this post will spark a renewed interest for you to create your inspired living by trying canning or freezing for the first time or again~

Have you ever canned? Or frozen your home garden produce?

Do you have a recipe to share? Just email me

Sharing is caring!

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