One2One Network Sponsorship for Blissdom 13

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Dear Creatives, When I heard about this opportunity from One2One Network you should of heard me squeal with excitement! What opportunity? What opportunity you say,  well to be a member who possibly could be chosen to represent One2One Network at BlissDom 13 & meeting and greeting conference attendees at their booth!! I gasp for breath as I write this as Blissdom is happening right about the time my birthday is!! Double celebration potential? But, I have to tell One2One in a post why I would be a good candidate for sponsorship. So here goes!!

I love talking to people One2One. I love networking, meeting new people online & offline! Why am I a member? Well I have to say I love One2One Network for bringing opportunities from brands & allowing me to blog about them  & sharing with (with you) my readers. Not all are paid and that is not a problem because there are contests & more along with those opportunities. Who doesn’t love entering something or in this case a blog post for a chance at winning something? Oh, how about reading & visiting featured members? That’s fun. Let’s talk member benefits, client cafe & if you have a shop there is a member marketplace. I could go on about what I love about the network. The learning in the client cafe where you can look at articles to help you…….

Well, not sure if I am qualified, maybe a little background info. on me wouldn’t hurt. I use to manage a business while raising my kids (nothing like juggling) My job was pretty social & involved coffee for 10 years. Talking to people daily; customers, vendors, people interested in donations, other management & staff. I was a retail merchandising specialist who helped new managers, stores set up their retail displays. I was the community outreach coordinator for my store area & gathered together people for events to benefit  projects like leukemia, the local library…all while representing & running the business. If anyone can talk the talk while holding a cup of coffee & having fun I sure can. 😉

Now why if you had fun juggling all that did you leave? Personal bliss, growth & deciding to raise my last child while being at home.The loss of my mom made me see how little time we have. I reevaluated, (the company was changing…economy changing) my heart changed, I took a risk & decided to change directions, that’s when I  found blogging while being at home. My new bliss was found! Blogging, blogging communities & networks like One2One. Being here, at home sharing what I create & love while blogging about it all (& more). Taking that passion & driving it home daily! That is why when I saw this opportunity to be with One2One Network at their booth, sharing passions, representing someone in the One2One Network & getting the opportunity to go to Blissdom 13 got me over the top excited! Sheer bliss, just over the opportunity!!

Yes, I will hold my breath until they pick the member to represent One2One Network at Blissdom13 & if it’s me I can’t wait to be there then share, share & share. (plus learn, grow & represent One2One) If they decide another blogger is a better fit. I will cheer them on! Because that is what we do for each other. Support, nurture and give back. That is what a blogging community does! & that is what One2One does. On a side note my mom & grandma were from Texas! Hee Haw, I sure would be proud to be there & visit Texas at Blissdom 13!!

Thanks for the generous opportunity to go to Blissdom 13 One2One Network! 

What conferences have you gone to? Are you a member of One2One Network? Did you apply? 


Not a member yet? Maybe you should head over to One2One Network & join the fun! If you are going to Blissdom hope to see you there!

Disclosure: I am not being paid to write this & all opinions are my own. I am entering this as an application for an opportunity at sponsorship to Blissdom 13

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