Mani 101: Beauty Tips And Tools For Making Nails Pretty

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With Valentines day right around the corner it’s the perfect time to learn how to give yourself or someone else a great at home manicure. I’ve been so busy with our home organization. I can even use one! I hope today’s beauty post will give you the basics for getting started and have you ending up with a pretty manicure. Who doesn’t enjoy pretty nails? Now a little update and onto the beauty tips. 

Sammie has hit another milestone school dances. This Friday is the winter formal and she was ready for a trial diy manicure run with her nails. All I can say is for a girl who doesn’t drink milk she has the nicest nails and pretty nail beds. She’s lucky she doesn’t have my nails! All chipped from crafting. I can never seem to keep them pretty for too long. 


Manicure supplies_nail polishes and nail supplies

 I’ve been teaching her some nail basics. Hopefully she will learn how to do her own at some point. But, having four girls I’ve painted quite a few sets. The two OPI colors shown here are Italian Love Affair and I’m Indi-a Mood For Love.

My favorite nail care tools and basics for any manicure:

A few more tools that we use are cuticle clippers and nail scissors not shown. 

Mani 101Mani 101 How to with tips and tricks for an at home manicure

DIY Manicure basics; 

  • Start with clean hands
  • File nails straight across or slightly rounded at edges if you prefer
  • Wash off hands and dry to get any nail dust off nails 
  • Gently push back cuticles or trim as needed
  • Add cuticle oil and wipe off nail beds

girl on a cell phone with painted nails

How to apply the polish; 

  • Put on a clear base coat or clear nail strengthener and let dry
  • Put on Base Coat Color and let dry completely *Use Drying Drops to reduce time
  • Add a Top Coat and let dry

I hope to update these photos when I get a chance to slow this girl down! 

mainicured nails_2015

There are many polish brands we love but, we do pick OPI quite often. We started looking at organizing items for Sammie’s nail and makeup supplies, as they are growing. I like to keep the bathroom organized with items in containers and cases. It just makes cleaning so much easier!

makeup organizers

A few great beauty makeup organizers can help keep your products clean and sanitary;

Each of the items above have their uses. I love the Lucite  counter trays as they clean up easily. A good case is always handy to have for items  purse or a teens backpack. Makeup caboose cases are great when you need lots of storage.

My daughter Jenni is a professional cosmetologist. Can you image all the makeup she has for creating the perfect looks for prom, weddings and magazine photo shoots!? She has invested in a professional cases. 

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 Beauty News; 

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  1. Oh, I bet you enjoy having a daughter who’s a cosmetologist. my daughter had wanted to go to school to be one, but changed her mind. She quite the makeup Diva, so we still have lots of fun doing girly things.

    I have dozens of nail polish. I know it’s over 100, but I don’t know the exact amount. I guess my tip is to keep them stored in a plastic container found at Dollar Tree.

    1. Hi Stacie, Yes I do but, Jen lives 5 hours away! I don’t get to use her often enough! Yes, I agree storing them in a plastic or Lucite tray helps keep them organized.

  2. I just started giving myself manicures since I want my nails to actually LOOK NICE! This was super helpful, right now I am only wearing clear polish but once they look a bit better, I will graduate to actual nail polish!

  3. Believe it or not but I’ve just started using polish-nails (Don’t you laugh!)
    So I could definitely use some of your tips here.

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