Marie Antoinette

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1. MARIE ANTOINETTE CHRISTMAS ORNAMENT, 2. Marie Can Can, 3. ATC – Marie Antoinette, Red, 4. flower girl, 5. Bernard Tartinville (photographer) Antoinette fashion, 6. Marie Antoinette (2006), 7. Door lock and knob, Petit Trianon, Versailles, 8. Untitled, 9. Marie Antoinette : Laduree Just click on any image to enlarge view

When it comes to color, fashion and design inspiration that exudes youth, elegance, femininity and wealth I always come back to Marie Antoinette. Her history is so interesting. I could find myself dreaming away the day just imagining being in a summer garden lounging under a parasol listening to nature. Her life from lavish turned to turbulence and then execution yet despite her history we take away the most inspiring images and thoughts.
To find more about Marie Antoinette’s history I have placed a link for you, but you will find her legacy everywhere if you dare to look at the other side of her life~

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