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Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner BBQ Tips & BBQ, Grilled Chicken Recipe Round Up

How many times have you heard that saying? I am happy to report it may be cooling  down from our sweltering heat which means perfect weather for out door BBQs! The Mr. is always wanting to BBQ beef, maybe he is a bit chicken to deal with chicken. I keep telling him it’s not that hard. I created a round up of Chicken Dinners that I think are going to be a winner! Yep, we are going to try BBQ ing & cooking up these recipes, then reporting back to you.

If you beat me to the punch do let me know I’d love to hear if you enjoyed any of the recipes I am sharing today.

Here are some BBQ Tips prior to the recipe round up

  • Start with a clean grill, long handled wired brushes are good for this
  • Have a pair of kitchen tongs handy
  • Grease your grate using a paper towel with oil so your food won’t stick, lightly brush onto your grate (hold with tongs)
  • Ensure no food contamination happens keep meat utensils & items separate from veggies
  • Make sure to marinate or add your spices & rubs onto your chicken well in advance of grilling

Chicken Apricot Skewers Recipe

chicken apricot skewers

photo by Christopher Baker via Epicurus

One of my older daughters shared a copy of Bon Appetit from June with me. There was this lovely Grilled Chicken with Board Dressing in it. So I had to share it with you too. It is similar to the meals made in Central, CA. with chile peppers, red peppers flakes, lime …. we usually use homemade rubs & marinates when we barbecue letting the flavors marinate, melding into the meats & veggies prior to grilling. Giving it the amazing flavors. I have yet to try it but, its on my list. If you can’t find a copy locally you can  print the recipe via Bon Appetit

Well I hope you find a winner recipe for your chicken dinner! Have one you’d like to share don’t forget to drop by & link up.

What is your favorite barbecued or grilled chicken recipe?

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