How to Perfectly Grill Chicken Moist & Tender Every Time!

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Today I’ll share how to achieve perfectly cooked chicken every time. The Mr. claims he is a steak man and has no idea how to grill chicken. I often thought how can he say this? I have been grilling for years. First with charcoal and now with a gas grill. It isn’t hard. Since I’ve been sharing my grilled recipes I thought I would share a basic how to grill chicken to help those thinking it’s hard. I promise it’s easy and will come out perfect for your grilled recipes. I don’t want you or the Mr. to feel like it’s impossible. It’s not! It’s actually rather easy to grill chicken. For those of you who want the perfect grilled chicken every time here you go!

Now this isn’t a recipe for super crispy on the outside tender on the inside grilled chicken. This is how you evenly cook chicken until it is completely cooked. Making it perfect for those grilled chicken salads or taking a big bite of chicken that is tender all the way through. But, I’ll walk you through both then direct you to a video later on in case you’d like some additional tips for grilled that chicken!

How to grill chicken_cooked chicken on a grill

How to grill chicken perfectly!

  • First off always start out with fresh cold chicken straight from the fridge. Even if you marinate it you need to keep your chicken cold so pop it back into the refrigerator until your ready to start grilling.
  • Make sure to take a paper towel and oil your grilling grates so the meat won’t stick!
  • Preheat your grill to a medium temp.
  • If using charcoals don’t build your pile super high and leave space where no coals are
  • Pull your chicken out and set chicken on a plate *don’t not reuse
  • Use tongs
  • Have pot holders nearby if necessary
  • Have a clean plate for putting the cooked chicken onto *You don’t want to reuse a plate that has held uncooked chicken!
  • Add your chicken onto the grill leaving room between pieces for the heat to surround the chicken meat
  • Have on hand food thermometer / Internal Meat Thermometer (my favorite Thermo Pop which comes in 9 colors)
  • Internal FoodTemperature Chart FDA Gov  {free printable}

Chicken Cooking on a grill

Prior to putting your chicken on the grill remember to oil your grilling grates and preheat the gas grill or preheat your coals to a medium heat. If using coals be sure not to stack them too high to the grill and leave an area with no coals or push them to the side. This way you’ll have an area that isn’t so hot! To do this right you really need a medium to med. heat. Your chicken will start to cook from the bottom up. Leave spaces like the picture shown above for heat to move around the chicken.

Chicken breast being grilled _2_

Next as you see the chicken turning white. Flip them over!

Chicken being grilled

Keep watch over your chicken as it’s cooking. I like to flip them over again in about 5 minutes. When your chicken is the same thickness it makes it easy to cook and finish it off at the same time. Want to marinade it more? Toss on the barbecue sauce? Now is the perfect time during the last 5 minutes of cooking on the grill!

Cooked grilled chicken with internal temperatures on image_

The steps for crispy chicken is start out with a hot grill but, reduce the temperature to medium to allow chicken to slowly cook the rest of the way after the outside skin has crisped up. Note: For thicker pieces it will take longer and you will need to flip them several times for even cooking. Now go try grilling up some chicken! Winner, Winner Chicken Dinner!

grilled chicken salad

Don’t forget to grab some recipes from the grilling recipes page before you go! You might like this Grilled Chicken Salad Recipe shown above!

Need more help? Video: How to Grill Chicken Better 

What is your favorite food for grilling?

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