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Diy Hand Scrub – Lemon Souffle


Dear Creatives, Today I am sharing an easy diy – how to; for making your own hand scrub. Finally I took the time to try making a hand scrub after seeing so many recipes online & I thought I would share how easy I found it! I am calling my hand scrub Lemon Souffle. I chose that name because of the smell & looks of it, not to mention how it makes my hand feel so soft after using. Perfect for treating my hands after washing so many times & losing natural oils in the skin.


Gather all your supplies. {printable recipe at end of post}  Measure & pour into blender.


1/2 cup Coarse Salt.


Cut lemon slices.

I started with 3 slices, but 4 was what I ended with for that lemony smell.

Now all into blender & blend.

When blending; blend just enough to mix all ingredients together well, as blending too much will really make your salt too fine. You want your salt to stay on the coarser side. If you do over blend a little your salt will be finer as mine was the first go round, but I could still feel the salt which is good for your hands & it wasn’t ruined by any means.


When all done pour into a clean, dry jar. (this recipe makes about 1/2 pint)For the lid cover I traced a piece of scrapbook paper using the lid for the template & cut it out. Then inserted the cut out in between the circle lid & ring screw top. When using scrub I use a clean spoon & don’t dip it back in after I put in onto my hands, thus keeping any bacteria’s out. I am not sure of the shelf life, but I am sure we will use this up so quickly that isn’t an issue.

This spring I want to grow some rosemary & make some with that as rosemary has healing agents in its oils. I also want to try to make a salve as summers & winters are pretty dry here to help with healing working hands. This is so easy to do & if you purchase your olive oil in bulk or on sale it isn’t costly at all.

I think I will research some recipes or homemade beauty products & gifts to do a recipe diy list! I promise to share! Hope you enjoy & save this to your recipe box! or print it!


Diy Hand Scrub “Lemon Souffle”

Diy Hand Scrub “Lemon Souffle”

Easy to make! Great hand treatment for using in the kitchen! This recipe makes approx.1/2 pint if using my measurements.*Do not over blend.


    Clean, dry jar with lid
    small scrap of pretty paper
    1 lemon
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup coarse salt


    Wash & dry small jar & lid
    Measure & put into blender:
    1/2 cup olive oil
    1/2 cup coarse salt
    cut lemon slices (3-4)
    Blend ingredients.
    Pour into clean, dried jar & cover with lid.
    Make scrapbook lid cover if you would like.
    Use clean spoon to apply scrub to hands.
    Wash hands with Lemon Souffle scrub in warm water scrubbing gently, rinse & towel dried without rubbing off all the oils, allow to soak into skin.


Do you ever make your own hand scrubs or beauty products?

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