Popsicle Stick Apple Craft + Free Printable Apple Pattern

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Are you looking for apple crafts for kids? This popsicle craft idea can be made by crafting with Popsicle sticks, cardstock or felt and glue. When it’s done you will have the cutest Popsicle Stick Apple Craft! You can even string them up to make an apple banner. Cut out the cardstock or felt using the free apple pattern and follow the step by step instructions.

Have fun making this kids craft idea for fall, apple season and as a kids apple learning project. Looking for more craft ideas for kids? See all our craft for kids


Popsicle Apple Craft for Kids - with free printable apple pattern and step by step instructions at DearCreatives.com

This is a fun and easy fall craft to make with the kids…


Work on shapes, colors, cutting and counting with this simple Apple craft created from wooden craft sticks. 

Craft supplies and craft materials for making a craft stick apple craft - DearCreatives.com


 Dollar Store or Amazon Craft Sticks – four
Cardstock – Red, Brown, and Green or (Stiff felt – Red, Brown, and Green)
Permanent Marker – fine tip
Liquid Glue with fine tip applicator (for kids)  or Low Temp Glue Gun or Glue Stick

Popsicle Stick Apple Craft 


Step One

scissors, pencil and printable with cut outs for making a kids apple craft project - DearCreatives.com

Download and print the Apple Pattern Sheet HERE.

Apple Pattern For Crafts - Grab the free printable apple pattern and See the full apple craft for kids and craft stick project at DearCreatives.com

Trace and then cut out shapes from cardstock or stiff felt with scissors.

Step Two

Four craft sticks lined up adding the cut out apple to the top and bottom of the apple craft - See full instructions and free printable for this kids apple craft at DearCreatives.com
Attach four craft sticks in a row to the front of the base of the apple and the top of the apple.
Flip over and attach the top and base of the apple to the back of the apple.

Step Three

Full instructions for this apple craft stick craft at DearCreatives.com

Attach a stem and leaf to the front of the apple, flip over and attach a stem and leaf to the back of the apple.

Step Four

Popsicle Stick Apple Craft - adding on the apple seeds to the apple stick. For instructions and printable apple pattern go to DearCreatives.com
Draw four teardrop-shaped seeds in the center of the apple. Or cut out 4 teardrop-shaped seeds and have the kids glue them on the craft sticks. You have now completed your apple core craft stick project

Popsicle Stick Apple Core Craft 

Fun kids craft , apple craft idea with free printable and instructions how to make an craft stick apple - DearCreatives.com

Create a bushel of apples and fashion a banner or to decorate a classroom bulletin board. Or add them to your home bulletin board.

Popsicle Stick Apple Craft - Can be made by you or the kids. Use the free printable apple template and easy to follow instructions. DearCreatives.com #popsiclestick #craftstick #applecraft #craftsforkids #crafts #kids

Looking for other kids activities with apples? You might also like to make apple muffins with the kids. Or cupcakes with caramel apple filling and caramel apple sticks (recipes here). Other learning activities with apples include lace-up apple games, starting apple trees from seeds…

Happy Crafting! 

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