Five Reasons You Should Invest In Great Outer Wear Now!

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What is the one thing you want to indulge on this fall when it comes to women’s fashion trends? I mean really kick down some cash to have that will last you year after year? There are always a few items I pick to buy at a price just a little higher than my budget normally allows. Coats and jackets fall into this fashion category. Today I’m giving you the long and short of it. Five reasons why you should think about investing in a great piece of outer wear for fall and winter.

I mean think about it any where you go during these seasons you are layering or topping off your wardrobes. Heck, even if your running late you can toss on a great coat and go! Have you ever hid your pajamas under a jacket when your dropping your kids off to school? Take a simple jean outfit to the next level. But, those aren’t the top five reasons to invest so let me give you the 411.

Women’s Fashion Trends

Outer Wear

Women's Fashion Trends | Classic Women's Outerwear | Classic Coats and jackets

Women’s Fashion Trends

Top 5 Reasons to invest in a coat or jacket:

  1. When you pick a classic cut you will see that style return season after season.
  2. When you pick a quality item to invest in it will last you forever.
  3. A coat or jacket can finish your look or bring your look to the next level.
  4. Purchase and invest in the style that fits your lifestyle. You’ll use it more often if you do.
  5. A coat or jacket will not only complete an outfit but, can be the star of an outfit

When investing in a coat or jacket pick classic colors that will continue to return. Blues, greys, camel and black are classics that are always around each year.

When you are looking at trendy seasonal coats or seasonal transitioning jackets I’m not saying don’t buy them. Just don’t spend top dollar on trendy items. They won’t stand the test of time.

Women's Fashion Trends | Classic Womens Outer Wear

Women’s Fashion Trends

Tips for getting the most for your dollar:

Remember to try coats and jackets on. They aren’t one size fits all. Some are made with longer arms or lengths. You want to make sure your investment fits you to a t. I do purchase my jackets online due to living in a small rural area. I always have my measurements on hand, check the item’s size charts and detailing to get your perfect fit. It helps to know a stores return or exchange policy too. Many store offer free returns or exchanges. Some offer that in a limited time frame. Knowing this will help save you money and ensure you get the perfect fit.

Women’s Fashion Trends

Styles Worth Investing in for your lifestyle:

Invest in what makes sense for your budget at the highest price point you can afford in a classic style that will last you. Then grab an alternate trendy style for when your headed to the pumpkin patch or school play.

Womens Fashions Fall Coats and Jackets | Complete look Fashions For Fall Style Board

For me this look is it! Mix & Matching these pieces topping with long or short jacket is perfect for this fall.

Fashion Credits: J Crew, Sole Society, Neff, Macy’s, Old Navy

What’s your favorite type of fall / winter coat or jacket?

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  1. I love pea coats. I just think that they give such a classic finish to any look and they are timeless. That outfit at the end is gorgeous, perfect for fall moms on the go.

    1. Me too. Last year I invested in one similar but, it was black. I almost wish I got the camel color as I have pets and battle their hair getting on it. Something to consider. This year I’m looking to update my lighter version jacket and / or a long coat for when I wear dresses during the holidays. Thanks for stopping by & your lovely comment!

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