Quick and Easy Valentine’s Day Wreath With Glittered Hearts

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Today I’m sharing a quick, and easy Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY. We love trying new grapevine wreath ideas. Do you? With a few supplies, a grapevine wreath and pretty ribbons you can make a wreath for Valentine’s Day too! 

Valentine’s Day Wreath DIY

Quick and easy Valentine's Day Wreath DIY DearCreatives.com #wreath #diy #ValentinesDay

How To Make a Valentine’s Day Wreath

For this grapevine wreath project, you don’t need a lot of supplies. But, if you are waiting to get yours, or are just ordering your wreath supplies,  pin this post and see our other Valentine’s Day Crafts

supplies for decorating a wreath for Valentine's Day DearCreatives.com

You’ll need a pair of scissors or wire craft cutters. A hot glue gun or strong glue, like E6000. A grapevine wreath, wired ribbons, a package of small wood hearts, red glitter, and Mod Podge. 

How to add glitter to wood hearts

  1. For this wreath take your wooden hearts and add a layer of Mod Podge.
  2. Next, sprinkle your glitter over the hearts, and shake off excess glitter.
  3. Layer Mod Podge over the top. 
  4. Let hearts dry. I like to do this a day in advance, and really let them dry well. 
  5. Pro tip: do this over a sheet pan, lined with wax paper. You can add unused back to jar if you like. 

Next, add wired fuzzy ribbon around a wreath or other pretty Valentine’s Day Ribbons.

grapevine wreath and wired ribbon

I like to take it off the spool before I start wrapping.

wrap around wired ribbon around the front, and back of the wreath

Wrap the ribbon around your wreath, spacing it out equally. Just visually do it, and adjust as needed. You can use any thickness or ribbon you like. For this, it doesn’t have to be wired. I used the leftover ribbon from holiday projects. Tie off in the back of the wreath. Set to the side until needed. 

Next: Create dovetailed ends on your ribbon to thread through your wood hearts for attaching to your wreath. 


How to make a dove tail cut on ribbon DearCreatives.com


Next cut the wired ribbon with dovetail ends. Make sure your ribbon is long enough to thread through and twist off for attaching. I cut mine at least 4-6 inches. Sorry, I forgot to measure them. They won’t need to be super long as your just slipping them through the wreath strands, and not wrapping them onto or through the backside of the wreath. 

How do you make a dovetail cut?

  1. cut the length of your ribbon (6″)
  2. fold it in half (the first step in image)
  3. next, fold it upwards in half
  4. cut at a diagonal towards the center top
  5. unfold ribbon and use in your project 
  6. fold in half to thread through hearts


string ribbon through heart

Carefully insert ends of dovetail through the small hole, and pull the wired ribbon through.

create a wired ribbon bow, and add it to the wreath

Next, make a wired ribbon bow. Fluff out ribbons, and keep top flat to place a heart. 

add a heart to the center of the bow

Glue a heart to the top of the bow. 

Next tie all your hearts spaced out around, and onto your wreath to complete it. If needed make a wired hanger on the back. I like hanging mine onto a wreath hanger

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