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Who is ready to make an easy fall banner? I am sharing a paper-crafts project today. I started working on a few banners. So far one Halloween and three fall banners. I managed to get a few photos of one of them. I am loving the ones I have made so far. Fall is my favorite time of year! Banners, burlap, pumpkins, wind rustling, falling leaves and all the beautiful colors of autumn.

Fall Banner Made With Cricut 

Cricut cutouts, papercrafts, fall banners, Theresa Huse 2013

I did create some traditional banners, but I also am playing with color. This one fits nicely with my decor and new bird cage covers. I have a DIY for that if you need to make one. 

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For this banner I used mini clothes pins (from Amazon) like this or you can find them at your local hobby store or Michaels Crafts. But, I have since bought and glittered my own mini clothes pins,  as I am doing multiple banners. It’s cheaper that way and doesn’t take long. The average price is $2.99 and up for 12 glittered. Stringing the banner was easy I used a twine and pinned the tags to it. Material list to help you at bottom of post.

Autumn, fall banner, papercrafts, Banner made with a cricut, DearCreatives.com,Theresa Huse 2013

I used a pretty blue lightly accented paper, for the background and lettering a fall pattern.

Cricut Crafts, papercrafts, Pumpkin cut out, DearCreatives.com, Theresa Huse 2013

These little pumpkins do have slits in them and at times a little sunlight peaks through.

fall banner, papercrafts, fall banner made with Cricut, DearCreatives.com, Theresa Huse 2013

The banners I am making are all made with my Cricut. Don’t worry if you don’t have a Cricut yet you can still make fall banners I have plenty of how to’s on my projects – crafts page! If you can’t find a banner template online email me and I will draw one then I will add it to this post for you! Then you can cut them by hand. If you want to try hand lettering if you can use a stencil and cut the letters out by hand with good scissors like the cutter bee.


Cricut’s Free Cut of the Week What I love about my Cricut is the  online Cricut Craft Studio making it so easy to design on your computer & cut out your designs. Cricut also has free cut’s of the week! If you own one or want to see what I am talking about visit to see this week’s. You can also rent, buy individual images, buy bundles…

For this banner project I used the:

  • Cricut Expression Machine 
  • I used the online Cricut Design Space which is free you just load program onto your computer once you purchase any machine, but it’s not necessary if you don’t want to or use it online (with or without a machine, free with sign up). Personally it makes it so easy for designing.

Cartridges used:

  • Gypsy Wanderings for the pumpkin
  • Plaintain Schoolbook for the tag
  • Plantain Schoolbook for lettering (which you typically receive when you purchase your machine) Any fonts you have will work!

NOTE- Now, Cricut doesn’t need cartridges you can just search for the items in the free Cricut Design Space 

Other items:


Do you have a Cricut or other die cut machine? Have you made a fall banner yet this year?

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