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It’s hard to believe we are about to celebrate Labor day. Some may be packing and going. Others staying home or working. But, what ever your doing I hope you have a wonderful three day weekend. We didn’t do enough travel in my eyes this summer. Yet, we do have a few travel plans for this fall. We are seeking out our latest travel style for upcoming weekenders. 

Sammie will be doing the first trip without me. It will be hard to send her off to a tennis tournament weekend. Do you get nervous when your kids-teens travel without you? I will just have to hold fast that she is in good hands and with her team. Which includes friends.

This weekend for us we are keeping it low key. No traveling. NYC is in the fall plans. The clothes will be different but, there are always a few basics I take along.

For me I like to keep things simple when traveling. I take the basic necessities and comfortable travel styles. I do usually toss in one dress outfit, if traveling where one would be needed. What are your must have items to have when traveling?

Travel Style

Travel Style Labor Day50’s styled Poppy Bikini | Denim La Paperbag Trousers | Ruffle Cuff Tee


Travel Style Must Have Picks;

Spinner Luggage to make it easy when having to move from the car to the hotel, airport or place of stay. I love my big camera but, a mini instax is fun for trips too. Especially if traveling with a teen.

A must have for me is my address book. I keep my passcodes and other needed personal information in it. Call me old school but, really it wasn’t until I had a computer crash and a cell phone break that the power of paper still rules for backup.

I have learned if you love to travel it means you walk a lot! Great flat shoes are a must. Vans Lo Pro  with color options are a great option. They go well with shorts or pants.

Travel Style | Journal Patricia Nash Tooled Carmona Journal

leather journal

I also love bringing a journal and pencils for sketching or writing down ideas. This is a dreamy journal that I’ve been wanting. It’s perfect for all your travel notes, sketches and photos. It’s a tooled leather journal by Patricia Nash Tooled Camona Journal.

A good handbag is essential. I like one that is big enough to slip my camera in. I never pack my camera in my suitcase.

Emma Fox Pollux Suede Fringe Hobo •

Suede Boho Bag •

Loeffler Randall Sienna Mini Suede Drawstring Backpack •

I’ll be sure to update you on what else is in my bag and what travel styles we are getting for our trips.

What fall travel plans do you have?

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