Thrifty Tuesday “Pottery Barn Chairs Re-Purpose Part 1”

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Dear Creatives, It’s a Thrifty Tuesday Post! I thought I would share part of my Pottery Barn Chair re-purpose. I had grabbed two of these great chairs in need of a little TLC  from the flee market thinking that I would fix them up & use them in the kitchen. As our kitchen chairs have seen better days. Of course I asked the lady if she had the mates but, no she had re-done two & sold them previously. I plan on looking for two other chairs to re-do, I know I probably won’t find matching but, that is fine. I’ll completing the task of having a set of four chairs. Or my other option is re-doing a vanity I have in the living room to a sewing table & using the chair with it. Hmm m, still thinking about that!

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Here is the photo collage of one of the chairs & taking apart the seat, sanding & a teaser on the paint choice, that doesn’t quite turn out like I am showing! I promise to share how it’s coming along & when it’s done with a full size photo. Note to self get a new memory card for camera, lol. As you can see the yellow we had wasn’t going to work. It just was too yellow for the butter cup in the seat covering material.

Don’t laugh now, I sent the Mr. to the hardware store while I was cooking & he sent me pic’s on the phone of the rows of colors. I was able to pick what I thought was a good match to the material. He had a swatch of the material & confirmed which ones I was on the fence about & differences. What a good guy! So since then I have sanded, sprayed, dripped & wiped. Stopped & let it dry. Sanded mistakes & re-sprayed. So lesson learned patience, practice, don’t stand to close or spray to much. Light coats & let completely dry before spraying or sanding. Most of all it must be sanded & dust free for paint to adhere!


Now I want to find some chairs & have them turn out  like these! Only in my colors & fabric choices. Cute dog optional.

Source: houzz.com via Pam on Pinterest


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