The Jungle Book The Movie DVD Review

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Dear Creatives, I had the chance to review The Jungle Book The Movie DVD a Phase4Film. I thought I would share my thoughts on the movie, along with some information about the DVD limited edition. Sammie & I had a movie night, its been awhile since we sat down to watch a kids movie. This isn’t the original Jungle Book gang but, you do recognize the characters. The characters are recognizable by the new & old fans: Mowgli ( The Man Cub), Baloo (The Mentor), Bagheera (The Powerful & Playful Pal, Kaa the Python (The cranky ans wise jungle friend, and Shere Khan (The Threat) The movie is full of color, misadventures & music, so once you get past that characters are true to their nature but, different than the original you’ll enjoy The Jungle Book The Movie. It starts out with Mowgli having a challenge with the wolf pack……

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SYNOPSIS: There’s trouble in the jungle, and as usual, Mowgli and Mani are at the center of it all! While they enjoy their time drumming away at logs in the jungle, Shere Khan plots to put an end to the noise. Meanwhile, Tabaqui is stuck in a well, Appu gets lost, and there’s something fishy going on at the Cold Lair… Will Mowgli escape the clutches of the evil Shere Khan, and manage to still have time to join his friends in the jungle rhythm? This action packed feature length film promises to bring you the best of The Jungle Book.

In my opinion it seems to have many lessons woven into the movie, explaining right & wrong….(Example: sly fox steals, but then says borrows going on to say stealing is not good – but, is his slight of tongue lying in a sense? ) Maybe young kids wouldn’t pick up on that. But, other lessons aren’t with mixed messages. Some parts may need to be watched with very young children although there is nothing wrong with the movie. Parts may be scary. (Example: Shere Khan his voice, character & how he is out to get Mowgli & A pack of wolves…) For an older child not a problem. The story moves along with lots of action & music. I don’t think it is the best movie we have seen, but is entertaining.

It is hard not to be biased when we are huge fans of the original, but we found it enjoyable enough to watch all the way through, just very different from the original. I think that kids under 10 would enjoy this movie the best. Sammie didn’t find this enjoyable compared to the original & said she’d give it a 3 out of 5 she’s already a tough movie critic, lol. But, I watched it twice, once without her & interruptions so I think she just compared it too much. The story is not like the original & has many mini adventures with Mogli. The toy is well made & there are extras described below with the DVD. With that said our opinions may vary compared to yours & your children.

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The Jungle Book The Movie: Rumble in the Jungle will be available as a limited edition with collectible toys exclusively at at Walmart stores in the U.S. on February 12, 2013, an on March 5, 2013 in Canada. The DVD will release nationwide in  May 2013.

Runtime: 62 min.

Genre: Family, Animated

Cast Emma Tate, Jimmy Hibbert, Daid Holt, Nigel Pilkington

Director: Tapaas Chakravarti

Language: English, French, Spanish

Special DVD features; Downloadable activity kit, slide show & exclusive collectible Mowgli & Baloo Toys

Availability: Exclusively at Walmart stores for $14.86 smp; nationwide in May 2013

Website: Phase4Films

Disclosure: This opportunity was provided to me via Childplaypr.com along with Phase4Films I was provided the DVD set to enable my review. I may be compensated a small monetary stipend for my time & to treat my family when watching. This does not bias my opinion in any way. This is my honest opinion & review of the movie. Our opinions may vary compared to yours & your children.

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