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Sephora Spring Sale 2020-Discounts + Skin Care Picks!

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Hey beauties, self-care is so important for us ladies right now! So get ready for Sephora Spring Sale 2020 – I am so ready for this annual sale! Ladies, this sale is awesome especially if you are a mom! We are swimming with the sharks, I mean constantly with all the kids all day long, every day. Now is the perfect time to take a sliver of the day to pamper ourselves or in the evening to give yourself an at-home spa day or just treat yourself. 

This is going to be one epic sale for refreshing your cosmetics, updating your makeup bags and stocking up on your favorite beauty products! Looking for something else? Here’s where to find all our beauty tips and beauty posts. 

Sephora Sale

Sephora Spring Sale 2020 - Discounts + 6 Skin Care Products - Picks You Can't Pass Up To Leave Your Skin Healthy and Glowing! Treat Yourself and grab codes for the big Sephora Sale - Spring 2020 - DearCreatives.com

6 Skincare Product Picks You Can’t Pass Up To Keep Your Skin Healthy and Glowing – Wait for it!

You’ll find the pick and discounts later in the beauty post! 

Grab your discount codes, favorite beauty products from Sephora and stock up. Why? Because their sales are epic and it’s Sephora Sale time!

I mean seriously ladies, let’s make the most of our downtime and care for ourselves! This spring sale is too good to pass up! The last time I restocked my makeup bag and skincare products was in the fall. Did you know that for most cosmetics you should be replacing them every six months? Time to purge! Out with the old and in with the new! 

How Often Should You Replace Cosmetics and beauty products?

Replacement times for cosmetics and beauty products vary by what it is but, after a few months foundation can grow bacteria. Mascara and lip gloss can last for about 6 months. Sunscreens when they expire. Or if any of these products smell bad. Powders have a bit more staying power and need replacing 1-2 years, if not used up. (SOURCE) The list goes on.

Remember to check dates on the cosmetics and beauty products you have, if they are separating, smell funny or you just don’t remember how long you have owned it maybe it’s time to toss it! 

Sephora Spring Sale 2020

Skin Care Products

Get Your Skin Healthy And Glowing!

  1. Protini Protin Moisturizer (For skin types: normal, dry, combination, and oily) All skin types and ages need moisturizer! 
  2. Isle of Paradise Self Tanning Drops – Control your glow by adding drops…Give your skin a healthy glow without the sun! 
  3. Glow Recipe – Avocado Retinol Eye Sleeping Mask An eye sleeping mask formulated with avocado, encapsulated retinol, and coffeeberry to help brighten, depuff and treat the appearance of dark circles.
  4. Wishful Yo Glow Facial Enzyme Scrub-A gentle yet powerful exfoliator infused with pineapple and papaya enzymes, BHAs, and AHAs that leaves your skin with a healthy glow.
  5. Brazilian Bum Bum -A fast-absorbing body cream that helps tighten and smooth the look of skin. Feel and smell like you are in the tropics. 
  6. Fresh Soy Face Wash – A bestselling three-in-one face wash that gently melts away makeup and mascara (without the sting!), removes impurities, and tones for clean, balanced skin.
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Sephora Insider Beauty Sale

When is the Sephora Spring Sale? 

Early Access: April 17 – May 1 

Grab these discount codes for Sephora and save, save, save! Plus, there are more discounts and information later in the post. 

  1. Sephora Rouge members have first access to shop the online event at a whopping 20% off with code SPRINGSAVE

VIB: April 21 – April 29

  1. VIB members get 15% off event purchases online with code SPRINGSAVE

Insiders: April 23 – April 27

  1. Insider members get 10% off event purchases online with code SPRINGSAVE

Are you a Sephora Insider yet? There are a lot of extras when you become an insider. It’s so easy to sign up to become a Sephora Insider and it’s free to sign up! The more you get your products there, the more your insider status goes up! Then you get earlier and earlier access and even more discounts. I love getting more bang for my buck on beauty products. Don’t you? 

Don’t forget, right now get your two free samples with your purchase! It’s a great way to test out new products. And there is free shipping by using the code FREESHIP and extended returns. Not sure if the codes can be added together though, you will have to check on that. Or I’ll update after my purchase. 

What are your favorite skincare products? Do you need to freshen up your makeup bags? Or stock up on your favorite beauty products?

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