Meal Plan Monday #Recipes + 25 Chocolate Lightened Desserts

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Dear Creatives, When it comes to Meal Planning sometimes you win & sometimes you lose! Or at least half the battle, that is. You can’t please everyone all the time. I tried this recipe Tasty Teriyaki Chicken from Meal Plan Monday #3. Personally I thought the recipe called for too much sugar so I reduced it by half. I don’t feel it altered the results at all. The sauce was plenty sweet, using the cornstarch to thicken it giving it that lovely bit of thickness so it wasn’t runny. The chicken was tender & I served it on a bed of rice just like this photograph. (My photo was a flop) Well, this week Sammie had this offal cold so I am not sure if it was her taste buds off or what, but she didn’t care for it. The Mr. & I enjoyed it, but he is not fond of rice. Oh well!

Maybe I have a love for rice because I went to school with open campus in the East Bay by an Asian market & each day for lunch would purchase their rice or fried rice, with Veggies. Yum! Probably the only thing I liked about high school at the time besides art or close to it. I couldn’t wait to get out & go to college. For this dish I served it along side green beans. Which I probably could of added to the crockpot toward the end. I think also adding carrots along with that would of given it the color & more of a Oriental flair. That being said, I would try this again & hope when Sammie isn’t sick her taste buds would enjoy this recipe. {gotta love picky eaters} This recipe very easy to do!



On this Meal Plan Monday #4 I think I’ll have more success! I have created a round up of recipes that are easy, healthy & then one that has 25 chocolate desserts! For those of you who are new to reading my meal plans; I find a group of recipes & it may take me longer than a week to go through them, write about the recipe, share photos if I can & share the results & thumbs up or…..but, each week I am trying to share what is going on in the kitchen & what I am cooking up! I hope that helps you when your looking for a good recipe to try!

For Meal Plan #4 I love the idea of making tamales but, have never tried. I don’t have a steamer & there is this lovely lady who comes around are neighborhood & sells them homemade. Heavenly, chicken & green chili tamales. How could I ever pass those up? I digress. But, I just happened onto this recipe from Muy Bueno Roasted Chili, Cheese & Bacon Mini Tamale Pies  Although Sammie doesn’t like bacon maybe if I try this & substitute with chicken or just chili & cheese it might just work for us! I can see this recipe served with a green salad topped with cilantro, green onion, avocado & tomato s.

Muy Bueno’s recipe was inspired by this recipe Mini Tamale Pies from Chow So maybe not the whole tamale but, close enough for less work in the kitchen. In my house Mexican & Latin American foods always rank high on the crowd pleasing end. So either of these or a variation of will be a  must try recipe! Although one day I will break down & grab the needed items & learn to make traditional tamales. Until then this may be the next best thing.


chocolate torte
Charles Schiller


Oh, I have to admit last Valentines Day I tried to make chocolate mousse. Epic fail! I don’t know what I did wrong or where I went wrong. I am still gun shy making chocolate mousse. Have you ever tried? So that had me looking for recipes for the chocolates! Now if your looking for a rich dark chocolate cake recipe (photo above) this recipe is from Country Living might do the trick. or if you are trying to be healthier I found 25 lighter Chocolates all in one place. Yes, I am trying one of them. Sorry mousse you will take a back seat this year. 25 Chocolate Lightened Desserts Hope these recipes will help you on your Valentine Dessert recipes leaving out the guilt. Next week the final recipe from Meal Plan #3 & maybe one from  Meal Plan Monday #4. Until next time, I hope this has you finding success in your kitchen with cooking.

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What have you been cooking & do you use a meal plan?

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