Shake It Up I <3 Dance Music CD Review

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Dear Creatives, Disney’s come out with another CD for kids to teens to love,  the Shake It Up I < 3 Dance music cd. I was sent a copy to share with Sammie & review. Of course she was excited, as she is a big fan of the Disney show Shake It Up. Watching shows,singing songs, dancing along so this was a perfect thing to review. Sammie is brutally honest about everything, she holds back nothing so getting her opinion was important to me since it is meant for kids, preteens & teens. Of course my opinion is important too as I like to know what she is listening to. Here are our opinions & review of Shake It Up I <3  Dance.

Shake It Up I  3 Dance CD

When the cd first arrived I let Sammie open it right away & take it to her cd player. She listened to it while playing games & doing homework. ( What? This is her hipster, nerd look well, I guess I could of asked her to get a little more glammed up, but hey she’s rockin her own look on this day ) When asked if she liked the Shake It Up CD she said she did & when the neighbor girl came over she exclaimed, “Oh, wow you got that!?”

Sammie with Shake it Up 3 Dance CD

I waited until she was done to listen to it & put it in the car to play it when taking her to & from school. Why? To see if she sang to it because when she loves songs she learns the lyrics, sings & dances to it. The songs are all up tempo, fun & of course dance worthy. If we weren’t in the car she probably would of been dancing! I found out what her favorite songs were on the tracks. Her Favorites: Hollar At The DJ was her favorite along with Beat Of My Drum & This Is My Dance Floor.

Bella Thorne and Zendaya are just some of the singers on the Shake It Up I <3 & are from the Disney Show Shake It Up. You can see a preview of the tracks & more videos of some of the songs right here on Disney  Music  I decided to share one of the songs Sammie liked that they happened to have, but you can visit Amazon & preview the song tracks too, you’ll find a mix of dance,  pop, disco styled & hip hop music. Of course one of my favorites on the cd was a rendition of “These Boots Were Made for Walking” & featured single Contagious Love.

Contagious Love on Disney Video

There is quite a bit of music listened to in our house & this fits right in with all that we enjoy! I think that you’ll enjoy it too no matter what age you are or if you are looking for an upbeat dance style cd, but of course the bigger appeal is going to be kids, preteen & teenagers. You can purchase it right here on Amazon previewing all the songs prior to purchase if you like. Shake It Up: I <3 Dance @ Amazon

You can visit Disney’s Music Social media sites to keep up with all the latest:

I am sure if you are looking to buy a preteen or teen a gift this would be a great choice & big hit with them.

Are your kids big Disney show or music fans? 

Disclosure: I received a copy of the  Shake It Up I <3 Dance Music CD to enable my review. In no way did receiving the cd influence our opinions. These are our honest opinions & thoughts about the cd. I received this opportunity via Childsplayr Child’s Play Communications.

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