Thanksgiving Decor Ideas 15+ Stylish and Festive Decorations

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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas – Get ready to plan and decorate for Thanksgiving whether you are celebrating with a small group of family and friends or a large group making your home inviting for guests can create a festive mood.

I’m sharing Thanksgiving decorations for decorating your home and tablescapes. Who loves a pretty tablescape, shelf, or mantel… I have ideas that are colorful and festive or use neutrals to create a more stylish look for the home.

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Thanksgiving Decor Ideas


One of the ways to make your home festive for Thanksgiving is by adding all the fall colors! Adding centerpieces to the tables and setting the mood with lighting.

Thanksgiving decor ideas - Make your home stylish and festive for the upcoming season! DearCreatives.com

Are you hosting a Thanksgiving celebration this year? Or are you just decorating your home for the autumn season? Elevate your home for the celebration! I love making my home have all the stylish, festive, and fun decorations leading up to the holidays. Do you?


To add a stylish look to your home use neutral decor to create a stylish look in the home for Thanksgiving.

Stylish fall, autumn, and Thanksgiving decor and table decorations for the home. DearCreatives.com

15 Decorating Ideas For Thanksgiving

  1. For your tablescapes get a centerpiece like this and add 3-inch candles (unscented, no drip) or LED candles.
  2. If you are decorating a large table getting amber tea-light holders is a pretty way to add color and light to the tables.
  3. Are you decorating a table for the kids? Add cute gnome decorations. One is even holding a sign that says give thanks. Or these Thanksgiving pumpkin gnomes.
  4. Decorate a mantle or top of the piano with a garland like this neutral-colored maple leaf, pumpkin, and berry garland. Or pop over to get a colorful garland.
  5. Get pretty throw pillow covers like this for autumn decorations. Use them on beds, couches, in the family room, or for living room decor.
  6. Add faux flowers like this to a vase for side tables or a mantel…
  7. Get this stylish choice and decorate using this mercury pumpkin set available in white, gold, or orange.
  8. Get stylish pillar candle holders to decorate with and use for other seasons.
  9. Artificial flowers in a vase like this are perfect to decorate a side table…
  10. A table runner this is the perfect base for decorating table tops, entryway tables…
  11. You can get a spill-resistant tablecloth that is stylish.
  12. A simple way to elevate the table is by using cloth napkins.
  13. Add napkin rings like these that say, “Thankful” or pumpkin napkin rings. Both are stylish.
  14. Set your plates on heat-resistant pumpkin placemats in gold, bronze, or silver.
  15. An autumn wreath for the home or front door makes a home so inviting. It has pumpkins, sunflowers, and a thankful sign in the center.

Find these and more #Amazonfinds in our shop! What is your favorite way to decorate and add pretty touches to your home for fall, autumn, and Thanksgiving?

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