Turkey Craft Idea For Preschoolers And Kids

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I’m sharing a Turkey Craft Idea – Have you gone on a nature walk lately? If not do it! Go on a walk to collect leaves, twigs, and rocks with the kids. Then come home to make this fun and easy turkey craft! It’s a fall craft you can do with preschoolers and kids…

I made them one with my grandson who was a preschooler at the time and his older sibling who just started elementary school. Looking for something else? See all our fall kids crafts. And all our Thanksgiving crafts and DIYs here.

Turkey Craft Idea

Turkey craft Idea - Easy turkey craft. How to make a turkey with rocks, leaves, twigs, construction paper. Great for preschoolers, kids, and kids at heart. DearCreatives.com

This easy turkey craft can be made by preschoolers and elementary school kids in the fall. Go for a nature walk and gather up rocks, leaves, and twigs.

Get out construction paper, scissors, glue, and glue sticks. With a few supplies and your nature collection, you can make a turkey! Add this craft to your fall bucket list!

Thinking of making it as a Thanksgiving Craft For Kids? Be sure to pin it and make it with the kids later.

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How To Make A Turkey With Rocks, Twigs, and Leaves

Make this fun fall craft with the kids. How-To make a turkey with rocks, leaves, twigs, construction paper, and glue. DearCreatives.com

Turkey Craft With Rocks, Leaves, and Twigs

  1. Collect the materials. Use small rocks, twigs, and leaves from nature. Or use artificial fall leaves, small rocks like this, and twigs (you can pick them up at the craft store and on Amazon).
  2. To make the turkey feathers from leaves; Have your child glue leaves together with a glue stick.
  3. Cut out 2 eyes with black construction paper.
  4. Next, cut out the beak using yellow construction paper.
  5. Lastly, cut the wattle of the turkey from red construction paper.
  6. Glue the pieces onto the rock, to make the turkey’s face.
  7. Break the twigs and shape the turkey’s legs. Glue them onto the construction paper.
  8. Once the rock face is dry, glue the leaves (previously glued together) to the construction paper (above the turkey legs).
  9. Add the rock face to the glued-on leaves.
  10. Tada! You made the easy turkey craft.

My grandson decided to give his a rock road. Add leaves or other elements to complete this Thanksgiving craft for kids. Add it to a mantle or display it in the home.

Be sure to tag me on social media @DearCreatives on Twitter and Instagram with your projects! I’d love to see them done.

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