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Summer’s Inspirations

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Dear Creatives, Summer brings on a whole new set of challenges when you are a mom,  a balancing act of; How do I keep up on my own self, along with in my case my arts & crafts, blogging, shop, entertaining the kiddo, caring for home, being chef? If only I was a high wire walker maybe I could do it better?


Usually summer adds a lot of spontaneity around here after swim lessons are done. It is a time of jump in the car & travel to the beach, pack up a lunch & go to the park, pack for a week & visit family. Maybe a family trip? Nothing beats visiting all the sites along the way, planning day trips and just getting out of the heat come July & August, house & routine! Three months of spinning out of the normal routine always in search of the perfect balance & not getting hit with the unexpected or the expected “I am bored!”



My mom may have been a gypsy in a former life & shared her love of travel, exploration & adventure with us. Although many years I lived through the travels of my brother around the world who has done way more travel than me or us, it is deeply embedded in my dna. Of course now a days it costs so much more to travel leading us to summer loves that come online, reading, or dreaming & more of the day trips.


Maybe I love the ocean so much because it has waters that move you, wind that blows your hair & a constant sight of a ship at sail. I can sit & dream of anywhere while bringing the kids for a day of escape.


Thank goodness for inspiration to hold me over until I am packed & in the car on our way! Today I thought I would share some of my summer picks to do just that, hold you over & make you savor your summer at home!

Oprah’s 2.o Book-Club  Oprah’s new Book-Club *continued

Oprah’s original book club reading list of 60 books! PDF List 

Sweet Paul’s Summer Magazine

Look inside >
8 9
Summer 2012


Molly Makes

Birthday Issue & Free Wedding Magazine

Molly Makes on iTunes For all you makers & dreamers! They have an offer All back issues are half price~

Anthropology Fashion, Home & Magazine

LookBookNu  Latest Fashion & Designers

Toast  Fashion, Home, Shopping, Images

I am sure to have more summer round-ups coming your way! Art & Craft Classes, Diy’s, Garden delights……I have *Oprah’s 1st book club choice on order, The Wild.  Are you reading it? I might start a group when I get my book. Let me know if your interested. The thought of getting to know you better & hear your thoughts on the book sound fun to me. What about you?

What books or magazines are taking you away this summer? Do you have any summer travel plans yet?

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