Strawberry Recipes Easy: The Best Strawberry #Recipes

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Well, I didn’t get a chance to try one of the pie recipes from the cookbook I reviewed yesterday. What I did end up trying was a recipe for strawberry cream cheese muffins. I thought the recipe was pretty simple. What’s great is this is more of a breakfast muffin. It reminded me a little of a homemade Bisquick recipe with the additions of cream cheese. It also had a yummy strawberry jam like filling. They were pretty tasty! But, I haven’t had time to bake this week since I’ve been working on my taxes. But, I lined up my next round of recipes to try! All things strawberry recipes easy!

The cookbook that I shared yesterday is packed full of pies and desserts. If you missed the post be sure to check it out when your done. I shared a delicious Lemon Cream Cheese Pie recipe from the cookbook. You might want to grab it for your spring – summer desserts! I’ve rounded up strawberry recipes which will be perfect if your ready to get baking, blending or cooking! 

Strawberry Recipes Easy; The Best Strawberry Recipes

Strawberry Recipes Easy |  Strawberry Recipe RoundUp

I’ve been on this huge strawberry kick ever since the farm stand down the street has fresh strawberries again! They sell them in strawberry boxes of three or a flat. Priced just right. I honestly think I’ll be making some strawberry freezer jam again soon to restock our inventory. It was such a hit we are all out. Sweet, juicy and oh, so delicious! Strawberry lovin’.

Recipes  Strawberry Cream Cheese Muffins

 Here’s a photo of the yummy recipe I tried! Since I didn’t alter this strawberry muffin recipe I won’t be sharing it today but, you’ll notice I found a similar one below.

Strawberry Recipes Easy; 

StrawberryRecipe |grilled chicken salad with strawberries

More Easy Strawberry Recipes; 

And if these strawberry recipes easy aren’t enough follow my Recipes:Strawberries board! I’ll be adding to the board all spring and summer to keep us finding the best strawberry recipes on the web to try out! Do you have a favorite Strawberry recipe? If your a blogger don’t forget to link it up at the weekly party!

Follow Theresa Huse’s board Recipes: Strawberries on Pinterest.

 What’s the first strawberry recipe will you try? 

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  1. Strawberry cream cheese muffins,Strawberry cream cheese bread and rustic strawberry galette oh my!!! YUM!! You can’t go wrong with strawberries.

  2. We all loveeeeee Strawberry here!! We also have frozen ones all year round, so we can always bake with strawberry.
    Your salad with strawberries looks AWESOME to me!!

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