Start the Day Together! Cheerios Seven Days to a #FamilyBreakfast Project

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Mornings are a bit crazy around here although now I work from home there are times I have classes, conferences and many other things that make our days a little hectic. Not to mention a 20 minute one way drive to drop Sammie at her middle school, prior to 8 am. And I’ll never forget how hectic it can be working outside the home! Breakfasts have often been short changed in our home, which isn’t good! What about your morning breakfasts? This is where the Family Breakfast Project comes in.

The Family Breakfast Project has some great tips, a buy one get one free coupon to help get you started & more. Let me share a little more about this family project.

I think we forget how important breakfast and connecting in the morning is! Think about just starting out with 7 minutes for 7 days to increase your family’s morning routine with healthier habits. What an easy way to jump start your mornings & increase family time with Cheerios Seven Days to Family Breakfast. Here’s a bit more about the #FamilyBreakfast Project.

Family Breakfast Project Cheerios

This post is written in partnership with Cheerios and The Family Dinner Project

 Cherrios Seven Days to Family Breakfast;

The Family Breakfast Project

Breakfast is really more than a meal. It’s a time to make sure your children have connected with you prior our rushing off to school. Savor those little moments of family time while eating breakfast in the morning. Starting your day together at breakfast has so many benefits! And those few minutes can always be increased over time.

Family Breakfast Project _Cheerios_

Make it fun and easy but, take the time to connect over a family breakfast with these tips to make it easier.

During the week prep your pantry for the week ahead:

  • milk, soy or almond milk
  • basics like Cheerios, yogurt and bread for toast
  • fruits for toppings such as berries or bananas
  • nuts or granola

Next if you have smaller kids move the bowls where they can grab them and preset the table while you are busy. Empower your kids to help you.

Pick out the kids clothes the night before. With smaller kids you can grab a printable checklist at The Family Breakfast Project! Have them color it and use it to help them select their outfit for the day. I remember the days of Sammie not wanting to wear certain clothes and the little battles.

Here is just a sampling of some of the useful things you’ll find in the free download and printable #FamilyBreakfast project:
  • Day 1: Talk to your kids about what their day…..
  • Day 2: Tired of just eating cereal? How about making Jumbo Breakfast Cookies! Grab the recipe! 
  • Day 3: Make an Out-the-Door Bin…..
  • Day 4: This is my favorite! You know how much I love coffee. If your child is old enough teach them how to make your coffee. They have a handy how to make coffee printable…..Grab the how to make coffee printable!

Free downloadble breakfast inviatation

  • Disclosure: Written in partnership with Cherrios & Platefull Co-op
  • Visit the #FamilyBreakfast Project to grab your free downloadable printable s, tips and tools and 7 day start guide at The Family Breakfast Project! 
  • On Twitter @Cherrios use the hashtag #FamilyBreakfast
  • Cherrios on Facebook
  • & Here’s a BOGO Coupon to get you started!

I can’t wait to share more about how our days get even better from starting the project!

How many minutes do you spend eating breakfast as a family?

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