Bold, Geometric, Layers of Affordable Designer Fashions! Preview Peter Pilotto Collection

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Fashion trend spotting today! These designer fashion trends are from Target! Want to preview a designer collection from Target? This is one bold fun and playful collection that has classic lines but, very modern. Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos collaborated for these designs. You can see a preview of the collection before they hit the stores. I am excited to hear what you think of these designs.

Peter Pilotto is one of the most recognized & coveted fashion brands from London, designed by Peter Pilotto & Christopher De Vos. They are celebrated for their innovative, complex & colorful prints, with a blend of classic ideas & modern vision.

Fashion Designers Peter Pilotto and Christopher De Vos for Target

I love it when Target presents us with trendy fashions that look high end and are made well. Seriously who doesn’t love being on trend and not having to pay for un-affordable fashions. Of course we’d all love to shop at those other stores picking up designer clothes.We can only dream about going to shows and seeing them in person coming down the runway. Oh fashion week, I can only dream of you! Paris, my heart is calling.

Ok, sorry I got swept away in my fashion dream as I sit here and type in my oh so, street fashionable clothes. The reality is I do love fashions, but my budget isn’t what is was and might not ever be where I want it to be. This is why I love Target. Even my older daughter who lives in NYC and works in the industry says all her friends can’t believe what fashions Target ends up carrying. Great prices and designs. Why shop elsewhere? Sometimes they (my NYC gals) even slip Target clothes into their fashion wardrobes easing the budget of high fashion.

With that said, today let me share this preview from my affiliate Target I think you’ll love!

Target Preview Fashions Designer Peter Pilotto

I really can’t wait to see the fashions in person at Target especially since there are many layering options to the collection. Even if I can’t wear some of these trends I love staying on top of things and being in the know especially since I have four fashionistas in the family who would love some of this collection!

  • Launches February 9th in stores and on
  • Several pieces are exclusive to (not sold in stores) including select swimwear, dresses, and tops
  • Prices range from $16.99 to $79.99, with most items under $60

Peter Pilotto Teaser

Now it’s your turn to Preview the Collection! I hope you are wowed & enjoy it!

What type of fashion trends are you starting to see that you like for spring?

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