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SIMS gamers have been on the edge of their seats waiting for The Sims™ 4 Launch! Sammie has been saving up all summer long doing chores just to pre order her game! She’s been a long time fan of The Sims since her older cousins got her hooked a few years ago. Any chance she gets she loves playing Sims! (within reason) She finds it the perfect entertainment escape after homework, on a hot/rainy day or just when she gets the green light to pick a free time  computer or online activity. Today I am sharing why she’s super excited about The Sims™ 4 pre order and Facebook Contest. What she found exciting about the demo and some of the special features found in The Sims™ 4 , not to mention where and when to pre order the game.

#The Sims™ 4 game has new features such as;

The Sims characters have evolved and are more believable than ever! They are smarter Sims, every action is a direct reaction to the way they are feeling! There are new creative tools;  Players can easily create  Sims by hand. Build rooms one by one. Sharing options; This feature is made easier than before with a few simple clicks and a new gallery options for uploading and downloading creation is so easy!

Here’s Sammie to share what she loves about the game and her experience with the demo.

The Sims 4 Girl with Sims Games in her hand_The Sims 4 Review Image_

Hey readers,  Sammie here and these are a few of my thoughts on The Sims™ 4 game demo! I thinks the Sims are easy to make / share and the creative tools are easier to use! There is the ability to change more features of a Sims Character. I think adding the Personality to the Sims makes it more interesting than the emotionless Sims.

More new changes for The Sims™ 4 game I like include:

  • The tools allow you to grab and pull features on the Sims to change it!
  • The sharing is easy and compatible to social media
  • The ability to build a house room by room and exchange custom rooms easily
  • Below are a few screen shots of some of the Sims I created in the demo
  • The new game is suppose to have 320 emotion based animations and 600 reactions to objects
  • I think if you have teens and game players will love this game!
  • I’m looking forward to playing The Sims™ 4 full game as soon as it’s released!

Girl Playing The Sims 4_

Here are a few other Sims Characters I created. Bye for now, Sammie!

Sims 4 face and skin tone choices _Screenshot (18) 2

Thanks for your insight to the game Sammie! I had to laugh as Sammie tried to create me. She knows I dye my hair a shade of red in the fall and tie my hair back during the day when working.

Sims 4 character choices_Screenshot (17) 2

I actually thought she picked my wardrobe spot on. I wonder if she made me smarter, perkier and creative?

The Sims 4 Screenshot (24) Social Sharing

You can share your Sims characters! Give The Sims™ 4 Character a description, such as smarter Sims or… then share on Facebook.

The Sims 4 Deal at Walmart

 Walmart is just around the corner from us, which is perfect for our one stop shopping! But, we did pre-ordering The Sims™ 4 game online and so can you from August 20th on!

The Sims 4 at Walmart online Checkout


Plus there’s a bonus get a free packet of Sour Patch Kids gum when you order online. This bonus Sour Patch Kids gum is also available on the launch date in-store September 2nd!! What kid doesn’t like Sour Patch? Did I mention there is free shipping!? Shipping options: Value free, Standard $1.97 and then there are expedited option.

Sammie is so excited that we pre-ordered  The Sims™ 4 game that it was her perfect end to a great summer! The Sims™ 4 is the fourth installment in the life simulation game.

Get social with THE SIMS & Find Out More;

Do you know any teens or adults who love playing The Sims game?

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  1. Great review!! I see how much Sammie really loves The Sims! Such a fun game, I’m really looking forward to playing this version! #client

    1. Hi Sarah, Thanks! Yes, she is super excited to play the full version and not just the demo! She can make characters and build so fast, she is really into it and has a blast.

  2. I just wanted to drop by and say that I’ve tried the Sims4 Create-A-Sim demo and I am so excited to play the full game. I saw a linky about Sims4 and just had to see what you said here.

    1. Thanks Holly for stopping by I appreciate it! Yes, we are too our order should be here any day now. I probably should of just went and picked it up at the store but, I’ve been too busy. lol Sammie is like,”is it here yet?” Have fun with the game!

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