Introducing a New Children’s Music CD Django D is for Django Jones

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Today I have some great music for kids and families alike. It’s the new release of Django D is for Django Jones. Experimental and playful is Django. A wonderful compilation of songs and music for everyone to enjoy. You’ll find the songs upbeat, fun all the way to lullabies in the mix. Let me share a little more about the CD and later where you can preview a few songs for yourself, along with the release date.

Energetic tunes comprise the first half of the album, with softer songs and lullabies making up the second half. A fun bit of introductions from the group along with voices to capture kids imaginations. The CD is fun and educational kids music. The songs range from educational (“Bones” and “Counterpoint”) to food-oriented (“Breakfast” and “Popcorn”) to self-empowerment (“Smallest Breed” and “All That I See”), and the lullabies are capped by a stunning rendition of a traditional kundalini mantra (“Long Time Sun”).

D is for Django

Jones colleagues layered over a mesmerizing, rhythmic ostinato. The musical motion is seconded with other highlights like “P-O-P,” a fun, rockin’ ode to the most popular “popped” movie treat, “Bigfoot,” an unlikely romantic ballad that offers a tip of the musical hat to the Shangri-Las’ teen melodrama from the ’60s, “Leader of the Pack,” and “Counterpoint,” a brainy tune that demonstrates, in a most engaging fashion, just exactly what counterpoint in music is.

FLAGSTAFF, AZ – Fans of the award-winning, folk-pop indie band Girlyman take heart! Last September brought the disbanding of Girlyman, but three of its members have reconstituted themselves as Django Jones. Bringing Girlyman’s sweet harmonies and irrepressible sense of fun to kids and families. The new album will be released on April 29.

DJ-Breakfast-1_photo credit Jeff Steinmetz_

I really think this CD is one your going to enjoy and not tire of. Woven throughout the CD are three-part harmonies, heartfelt songwriting, freely improvised “tuning songs, along with Django sharing his thoughts.

Disclosure: I did receive a sample copy and zip down load to preview the songs to enable my review and share my thoughts with you. To find out more and see a fun introduction to the group and meet Django head on over to their band website.

  • D is for Django will be available at (Pre order copies include shipping but, are more expensive than the release date copies) They will also send you a download of a BONUS TRACK that’s not on the album, AND we’ll also include the limited-edition miniature kid’s book, illustrated by Doris, that is only available now to those who early-order. *from site offering & subject to change
  • CDbaby
  • iTunes, and other digital outlets.
  • Here’s where you can preview a few of the songs for free!
  •  Pre-orders may be placed now at

What types of music do you enjoy with your kids?

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