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Snow Globe Tutorial

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Dear Creatives, I have been smitten with snow globes ever since I was a kid & when I saw homemade ones popping up this year I knew it was time I tried to make my own. So I had saved a few pickle jars. I soaked them, peeled the labels off them, bleached the lids, washed & dried them! But, how many pickles can one eat? Any how, I decided to purchase some half pint ball canning jars to make a few more than just in the pickle jars. Making them perfect for gift giving!



These are very easy to make, all you have to do is gather your supplies, set aside the time & get creative. I decided to spin a twist on the ones I have been seeing around. When shopping at Michaels Crafts I came across these German glass ornaments which I love! Light-bulb moment….if they could fit inside the jar a little snowman would be so cute. Here is what you need to make your own & how to.


Snow-Globe Tutorial Click Image to view full size



  • Hot glue gun
  • 1 sheet 12 x 12 scrapbook paper
  • 6-12 jars
  • plastic deer, bristle trees, holiday glass ornaments
  • flat snowflake ornament *optional for top of jar
  • Ice Glace Hielo Glitter by Glitterex Corp. *(or) 1 bag of Buffalo Snow (powder snow) @ Michaels Stores they come in 3 qt. for $3.49
  • Crytal Glitter by Glitterex Corp *optional
  • Martha Stewart fine crystal (white) & (bronze) glitter *optional
  • Paint brush or sponge brush for glue
  • Elmer’s Glue
  • White Glossy Spray Paint for lids*optional
  • Optional Paper Punch


* When using recycled jars first prepare them by washing, taking off labels, bleaching lids & ensuring the jars & lids are completely dry before starting. Spray paint outside of lids & let dry, use / follow same directions below except for step 1. is not needed & optional glue punched paper onto dried spray painted outside lid. *example photo under snowflake in collage.

1. For new jars; First take the center out of the canning  jar ring & trace circles (lid with seal) on scrapbook paper to cover center part of lid with pretty paper, cut traced circle out. When done you can glue/ mod podge or just put into place by placing paper on top of jar lid & under screw ring. When you close lid it will keep it in place.

2. Next decide what items will fit in which jars. You have to be able to glue the figures to the lid & screw it shut. Then glue item in place with hot glue gun to the inside of the lid.

3. You may also take a little Martha Stewart’s fine glitter *crystal white & place here & there on glass to create a snow drift. I did this by using Elmer’s glue lightly dabbing on glass with tiny amount, then use a damp cotton towel & spread across glass removing excess, while wet sprinkle the crystal glitter onto the sides of jar & shake out extra. Let dry. *This step is optional. I didn’t do it on each one, only several.

4. You may take Martha Stewart’s fine glitter & with a thin coat Elmer’s glue coat your deer with a shiny thin layer of bronze glitter if you which.

5. Before you screw the lid with figures into jar fill your jar with a little bit of snow, enough to cover bottom & a little more to create scene 1/8 cup to 1/4 cup * approx.

6. On the outside jar lid when screwed on I decided to glue two types of the glitter giving it a snowy affect. * If you don’t want this affect you can spray paint your lids prior to starting project with a white spray paint in a glossy finish & let dry. ( *another option:  On my spray painted jars I used a punch to cut holiday paper & glued the punched red snowflake paper to jar lid center.- example image 3 down on left in collage )

Glittered Lids Click to enlarge


7. Tie some with bows on bottom rim of jars. Add a flat snowflake to the top of some or leave plain. Get creative!

Snowman Snow-Globe

I hope you get a chance to make your own! They are super cute & look wonderful all lined up in the window & ready to give as gifts.




Another wonderful thing about these snow-globes is the sun shines right through the jars & they look different during the day depending on the lighting.




Snow-Globes It rarely snows where I live. But these little guys lined up waiting make our home feel wintery & each jar has its own snowy story to tell. I hope this inspires you to create your own snow-globe.



Snow-Globe with Water Martha Stewart

To create snow-globes with water check out this tutorial from Martha Stewart

There is plenty of time to make this quick project & it can also be done with older kids. Just make sure to do the hot glue gun for them!

What projects are left on your list to try?

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