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Dear Creatives, It’s Thrifty Tuesday here &  there’s a new creative kid in town, CreativeBug! One where you can purchase & get unlimited access or you can purchase single e classes to their growing library of unique video workshops taught by some of the top designers in their fields. What I like about CreativeBug is that you can purchase a plan to view unlimited videos that fits your needs or like I mentioned at single class starting from $9.99 +. Seriously you can purchase six months of access for the price of what some are charging for one class! And another great thing is you can preview these classes to see the quality of the videos!

Creativebug Video Workshops on

Now, I know there are plenty of people creating & selling videos. Trust me, I’ve purchased online classes & plenty of them since I live in a rural area. But, the options being offered regarding accessing all the videos!! These are my 100% honest opinions. Now, that is a creative & craft junkies must check out ((bonus!!)) So, when you are done visiting today go check out Creativebug Inc & let me know what you think!

PS: The class that I saw that caught my eye was about printmaking & then one to sew a caftan. Then an oh so great backdrop perfect for an upcoming wedding that we have in the works. I can’t wait to share some of the goodness coming from that! & the selections don’t stop there! Paper, yarn, sewing, jewelry….That’s what great about unlimited access! Pick a price that works for you and save money or just buy one sewing or craft class! Now you will have more for supplies & less expense on creative classes! PSS. I can’t wait to tell you about my blog conference learning experience! Just let me get my laundry done, the house back up & running. Nothing like having mom gone for 5 days, lol!

But, today I want to know who is going to race me over to Creativebug Inc

What kind of creative, crafting classes do you enjoy?


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