Leopard Pjs & Season 10 Finale Project Runway

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Dear Creatives, I came across this saying but, sometimes it doesn’t apply in reality, so let me share it with you & discuss a little more: Look at life through the windshield, not the rear view mirror. -Byrd Baggett   How does all this tie into leopard pjs, carpooling & Season Finale of Project Runway 10 you ask?

Well, yesterday when taking on the responsibility of driving three extra girls to school along with Sammie I pulled into the drop off at the high school for the older girl first. Two cars in front of me, while waiting for them to pull forward after Maya was out of the car & on her way, the car in front of me went full speed into reverse! I could hear the wheels spinning & thought to myself they either don’t know I am here or ? I whaled on the horn, as that is all I could do! & watched her back right into my car. Luckily no damage but some scratches to my car, no one hurt!! & Who knows what with her car, I didn’t even bother to look while in shock. My car is a mid size so it held up well to her small car. We did what we needed to do & went on our way s.

Then I proceeded to take the two 5th graders (one of them Sammie) & the 3rd grader to school while making light of the situation. It’s a good thing I didn’t wear my leopard pj’s to drop you off today! Couldn’t she see that I was carpooling other peoples precious cargo-children today & not just my precious cargo!? Maybe she didn’t have her coffee yet!? Good thing I didn’t have my second cup yet or I would of been on fire with her, lol……Yes, I must admit on occasion I do drive Sammie dropping her off while in pj’s, but was showered & makeup on this day, since I was driving other kids too. So…. In this case she should of been looking at life through the rear view mirror! & making light of a situation that could of been worse helped ease the tension. I must admit it was a little unnerving way to start the day. 

Style Me

MyPolyvore Sets “Style Me”

I have been wanting to share a fashion post & now especially since I admitted to wearing leopard pjs, along with the finale of Fashion Show Projects Runway’s Season 10 this Thursday (10-18). So here it is!

I am rooting for both Christopher & Melissa! I just love both their styles all season long. I do appreciate all the designers, but you just have to root for 1 or two, right?! I think I like Melissa not only for her designs but, her vulnerability she shares on the show. Imagine being in their shoes, having to have the confidence to push through. I am excited to see where she winds up.

Who is going to keep calm & carry on?

Christopher with his crazy, amazing style, over the top sewing skills & humble confidence! Seriously he can’t be underestimated! Oh, course the other two finalists Dmitry has amazing cutting & uber (who uses that word? or is it even a word?)  sewing skills, but often he is hindered by a throwback style being added into some of his designs that just don’t relate to current day fashion or then he’ll surprise you & make something you can’t deny is amazing. Fabio has some very organic, layered, trendy styles but, don’t think he will rise to be the winner although I love his styles. But, no matter who wins I think that they can take this quote and apply it to their future. ( Look at life through the windshield, not the rear view mirror. -Byrd Baggett ) You might enjoy this designer progress chart & other info. on Wikipedia for Project Runway Season 10! But……


Be sure & Watch the show to cheer on the finalists Thursdays at 9.8c on LifeTime

 ( warning I may just be wearing those leopard pj’s  while viewing the show)

Want more information about the show?Just visit Lifetime Project-Runway

While we await the outcome, the reality is that Spring 2013 is already for the viewing! So look ahead Style.com / Fashion Shows

Did you watch this season? Do you have a favorite? 


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