DIY Projects: Chalkpen Erasable Chalkboard And Chalkmarker Ideas

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Today’s craft is how to use a chalkboard calendar for scheduling your kids’ activities. You may remember when I was making a few easy DIY projects with chalk pens and chalkboards? I decided to share a few ideas and recourses for you. What I love about making chalkboard signs is that they are quick and make great DIY Home Decor Projects. And in this case can help you stay on track with daily activities, schedules, and after-school sports or music lessons. 

Chalkboard signs can be used for so many things. Here are a few examples I’ve used them for: Reminders, Coffee of the week, Sayings, Kids schedules, Teacher Appreciation, Bridal/Baby Showers, Weddings and more!

Erasable Chalk Art Calander Chalkboard 

DIY Projects | Chalkboard- Chalkpen Crafts Ideas for using chalkpens

Chalk Art 

Recently I bought an erasable calendar for the wall or fridge. At first, I thought I’d place it on the wall behind the computer but, I ended up putting it on the fridge, as I’m sure to look there first thing in the morning when getting creamer for my coffee! I prefer my mornings with coffee. Don’t you?

I’m loving it. I wrote out an entire month and can add anything that comes up. Or make changes with the erasable chalk pens. It’s as easy as using a damp sponge to wipe clean and start over. This is great for planning! When I was done I just peeled the backing off and hung it right onto the fridge.

I have to say I do love chalk markers/chalk pens over dry erase boards and pens. Because at the end of the day they are more versatile. Which means I can use them for my other hand lettering projects.

DIY Projects

Erasable Chalk Marker Calendar

DIY project | erasable calendar

I laid the erasable calendar on the floor to grabs a shot or two prior to hanging it.

DIY project | close up of erasable calendar

I can’t believe I’ll be doing May soon. I promise to share more chalkboard art. But, I do have previous examples of my DIY projects and I have linked to them at the bottom of the post.

Do you love chalk pens? Have you used them?? Do you love planning??

What’s really great are these chalkboard markers. They are similar to a brand I’ve used before, equally as good and priced right! If you haven’t tried chalkboard markers you should because these are perfect for glass, plastic, metal and more. VersaChalk is a new brand I’ve been trying out. They are almost as good as my other favorite brand Chalk Ink which I used to work when making sign – art boards for work. 

Chalkboard ideas and chalk pen supplies VersaChalk

No matter which brand of pen you purchase for your chalk art or chalkboard signs be sure to have a damp rag when working. Practice your hand lettering. You get better with practice! There are a few hand lettering books and letter and layout books that may help you if you are getting serious with your chalkboard art. 

Need a bit more inspiration prior to getting or doing a chalk pen project?

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My next DIY projects with chalk pens might be drink labels. Or a bucket list. What will you make?

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What DIY projects would you or have you made with chalk pens??

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