DIY Crafts Project: Christmas Crafts Holiday Canvas With LED Lights

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Do you love Christmas lights, colors and stories? I have always been in love with holiday lights. I remember when my mom used to take me to Macy’s in San Francisco as a child and we’d go through their holiday floor! The trees all designed and decorated with themes. They would be all lit up and sparkle with ornaments. Other holiday décor was always there on tables set up here or there. Today I’m sharing a Christmas DIY Crafts project that is really easy with all things sparkly and bright that comes with the holidays.

You can adapt this crafts project to suit your taste or style. I kept the color scheme simple. For this project you’ll need a paint canvas. Led battery operated lights, acrylic paints, paint brushes, Decou-page and glitter. I like using foam brushes for the Decou-page glue. The first thing I do is gather all my supplies (full supply list at end of post). I must admit when I get creative sometimes my space gets messy in the process. Does that happen for you?

DIY Crafts Project Christmas Crafts Led Canvas Light DIY Hero Image

DIY Crafts project
 Christmas Crafts

DIY Crafts Project Christmas Crafts Steps for Creating LED Canvas

For this project the craft paint and glitter was flying after I decided on my paint project design. You can click to enlarge image for steps.

Steps for Creating the LED Canvas

  • Paint the basic design, let dry and flip to the back
  • I knew I wanted a holiday saying, I picked “Be Merry” I stenciled it onto my canvas
  • Next decide on the placement of lights for proceeding to any detail painting or deou-page

Tip: Be sure to place the lights away from the frame when punching a hole for light s to pop through

  • Add your batteries, test your lights put the cover on.
  • Tape the battery case out of your way

I started at the top of my canvas, stretching out lights with the idea of having a few at the top. Then stretching lights out on the back side of canvas and working my way over the canvas.

DIY Crafts Project putting led lights through canvas

Flipping back to front to see where I would put the hole, then punching a small hole. I worked one by one until area had a balanced feel. Once my holes were punched I used the thin end of sharp scissors and cut the canvas slightly to be able to insert the light from the back to the front.

DIY Crafts Project LED Lights Through Canvas Close up Final

Be careful and make small holes, canvas is pliable so you don’t need to cut very large holes. Only big enough to push them through. This finished after glitter process close up. ( Adding the image and glitter process is the next step once lights are pushed through ) 

DIY Craft Projects Decou-Page Matte

Get out your glitter and Deou-Page for these next steps! I love using paints and glitter on a lot of Christmas craft projects. Don’t you?

DIY Crafts Project Decou-paged Santa and glittered on a canvas with Led lights

Next I added my scrapbook paper images. I cut them out with my favorite detail cutting scissors. I glued them to canvas and then started adding glitter to help tell the story and make the canvas sparkle.

DIY Crafts Project Christmas Crafts Holdiay Canvas with Led lights

Create your own story on canvas for the holidays or anytime. We set ours on our piano.

DIY Crafts Project Craft Supplies Acrylic Paints and Deco-Page

Here’s a behind the scenes shot.

DIY Craft Project

Supply list:

Today’s Christmas DIY Crafts Project is being brought to you by As one of their core bloggers they asked me to create a Led Holiday Canvas project to share with you. Be sure to visit them to see all the pretty colors and products they carry. I know I’m doing another project soon and I promise to share when it’s done!

What ideas would you like to try on your led canvas craft project?

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