Recipes With Pumpkin – The Ultimate List of Pumpkin Recipes!

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Are you looking for recipes with pumpkin? I am always looking for good pumpkin recipes to make. We have The Ultimate List of Pumpkin Spice Recipes. We think you will love trying to make any of these pumpkin spice recipes at home.

If you are looking for something else to cook, bake or make. Be sure to view all our lists of recipes

We sourced some of our favorite fall recipes thanks to our blogging community. They shared their favorite pumpkin spice recipes to bake and cook for your fall parties or Thanksgiving gatherings. We found these recipes at our weekly party, “Inspiration Spotlight”. We will be adding to these pumpkin dessert ideas so be sure to pin the post. You will also find a few of our favorite pumpkin recipes.

You can enjoy these recipes using pumpkin anytime you are craving pumpkin. Or in the fall or autumn but, they will make the perfect desserts for your Thanksgiving Dinner.

If pumpkin desserts or treats aren’t what your looking for try our treat recipes or baking recipes for non pumpkin desserts. 

Pumpkin Recipes 

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You will find a mix of recipes to suit your needs for dinners, lunches, breakfasts, and to include in your dessert tables. The hardest thing you will have to do is decide which recipe to try first! 

Recipes With Pumpkin

  1. There is nothing easier than making Krispie treats. Kick them up a k-notch this fall by making this Pumpkin Krispie Treats recipe via mandatorymooch
  2. Did you ever want to try making mini pumpkin pies?  Mini Pumpkin Pies via 5minutesformom 
  3. Do you love crumb cake? Make this delicious looking Pumpkin Crumb Cake via delightfulemade
  4. Our favorite cookies are snickerdoodles. I know we will be trying this for our fall baking. Will you?  Pumpkin Snickerdoodle Cookies via cookingwithcurls
  5. This pumpkin spice muffins recipe has a variety of spices that scream fall. Pumpkin Muffins Recipe via createwithjoy
  6. Give your chocolate chip cookie some pumpkin love. Pumpkin Spice Chocolate Chip Cookies via crystalandcomp
  7. Another pumpkin pie alternative is Pumpkin Pie Bars with Nutella via playdatesparties
  8. Looking for interesting combos? Pumpkin Banana Bread via mamaofmanyblessings 
  9. Or maybe you’d like to try this Pumpkin Zucchini Bread via littlehouseliving
  10. Ready to warm up to a big bowl of chili? Try this Pumpkin Chorizo Chili  via mrskringleskitchen
  11. Pumpkin for breakfast? Why yes! Pumpkin Spice Waffles via delightfulemade
  12. Who doesn’t love donuts? Try this Pumpkin Spice Donuts via crystalandcomp
  13. Something to snack on or have at a Halloween party? Pumpkin Hummus Dip via allthatjas 
  14. Do you like bread puddings? Pumpkin Bread Pudding via simplystacie 
  15. Chocolate Lover? Me too. You might try these Chocolate Pumpkin Muffins  via gluesticksblog
  16. Want to keep things a bit lighter in your cheesecake recipe? Reduced Fat Pumpkin Cheesecake via thekittchen
  17. Pumpkin Pie Bites is a must for your fall entertaining. Perfect for when you’re needing bite-size fall desserts via homecookingmemories
  18. Looking for a pumpkin pie recipe? Grab this The Great Pumpkin Pie Recipe recipe.via salleysbakingaddiction
  19. No-Bake Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies you will love this no-bake pumpkin recipe via fivespotgreenliving
  20. Pumpkin Spice Chex Mix recipe is perfect for fall snacking, school parties, Thanksgiving…via 3boysandadog

Favorite Pumpkin Recipes 

pumpkin muffins- This is an easy pumpkin muffins recipe that is made from scratch. Enjoy these pumpkin muffins and other pumpkin recipes at

This is such a good pumpkin muffins recipe. It’s a moist pumpkin muffin that is so easy to make, bake and eat! These muffins are great for breakfast, snacks or as a pumpkin treat. 

Close up of slices of pumpkin bread on a cutting board with a knife that just sliced the loaf of pumpkin spice bread. Grab the pumpkin bread recipe at

You might enjoy our pumpkin bread recipe. I love serving it to guests sliced with butter on the side. That just melts and makes it even yummier. It pairs so well with coffee or tea. 

Pumpkin Chocolate Chip Donuts Paleo, healthy, easy to make recipe for pumpkin donuts.

Or try our Paleo Chocolate Pumpkin Donuts recipe. This is a healthy way to have donuts for breakfast or a treat. Pumpkin Spice Latte recipe with how to make the pumpkin lattes hot, iced and blended pumpkin frappaccino. You'll love making these coffee shop drinks at home! #pumpkinspicelatte #recipe #pumpkin #pumpkinlatte #drinks #fall #autumn

Pumpkin Latte Recipe (hot, iced, or blended as a pumpkin frappuccino) 

20 Pumpkin Spice Recipes

pumpkin spice recipes
pumpkin spice

15 Pumpkin Cheesecake Recipes

pumpkin cheesecake dessert and treat recipes
15 Pumpkin Cheesecakes


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