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When my sister in law visited a few summers ago she shared her love of quinoa a whole grain that has been cultivated since ancient times, valued for it’s high nutritional content. I had never heard of it at that time. Fast forward to now and you see it’s gotten very popular and is being shared on food blogs everywhere. Today I am sharing a few new products that have quinoa and grains that in the mix. It’s a perfect wholesome side dish to any dinner or eaten on it’s own for lunch. Betty Crocker has a new line of grain salads called Suddenly Grain Salad. Today I’m sharing how easy it is to prepare and how you might enjoy these salads along with your recipes as much as we did.

The Suddenly Grain Salads come in three flavor options as of right now:

  • Southwest Grains
  • Harvest Grains
  • Tuscan Grains

These salads come four 1/4 cup servings per box. Are easy to make, actually you can whip this up in under 20 minutes. We tried the Southwest Grain Suddenly Salad as a side dish to our fish and salad dinner! But, I’ll share a few other ways you can use them too, later in the post!

Southwest Grain Salad_T

Here’ how easy it is to prepare the Suddenly Grain Salads;

  • Follow the directions on the box!
  • Fill a 3 quart saucepan with water and bring to a boil.

Suddenly Grain Salad being put in a pot of boiling water_

Next put the packet of rice and grains into the boiling water. Set timer (per package directions) for 17 minutes and turn package in water one time  about half way through use a spoon.

  • Mix the dressing mix (add water and your own oil to the packet mix) .

SouthWest Dressing mixed in a bowl

While the rice and grains are cooking mix up the dressing into a bowl large enough for the rice and grains to be added into when they are done. Open the package adding it to the bowl. Next add in oil and water per directions on the box. Set aside for now!

  • After the 17 minutes drain water in the colander and rinse.

rinsing grains in a colander

Next carefully drain the cooking water and bag into a colander.

  • Final Step!

Cut bag open Stir grains into dressing. Serve immediately or refrigerate to eat later. See how easy that was!

Suddenly Grain Salad_ Southwest Grains_

You can even add fresh chopped bell pepper, sliced green onions, canned diced green chilies or chopped tomatoes.

  • The information and prize pack have been provided by General Mills through Platefull Co-Op. These are all my 100% honest opinions and experience with the products. I hope that you will enjoy them as much as we have.
  • Get more whole grains into your diet without sacrificing taste or ease. Each variety of Suddenly Grain Salad mixes includes a wholesome grain blend like brown rice, wild rice and quinoa paired with flavorful herbs and spices in a boil-in-bag format for convenient prep. Plus dried fruit, vegetables and/or nut mix-ins along with a dressing packet are included to create the perfect blend of flavors and textures that give you more time to spend with your family.
  • Look for new Suddenly Grain Salad in the rice and grains or pasta aisle at your major grocery retailer and online!

Other ideas and recipes for adding the Southwest Suddenly Grain Salad to:

  • Add grain salad to this fish tacos recipe and top with mixed salad greens *omit avocado dressing unless your using the Harvest Grains
  • Add grain salad to this beef tacos recipe
  • Add grain salad to this chicken tacos  recipe
  • Add grain salad to burritos or even enchiladas!

suddenly grain salads 3 product image

Now dinners don’t have to be the same old tired white rice thanks to Suddenly Salads! Look for new Suddenly Grain Salad in the recipe and grains or pasta aisle at your major grocery retailer and online!

Suddenly Grain Salads are available online at Amazon in three packs:

What other recipes would you use this with or as a side dish to?


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