Meal Plan Monday: Time Saving Week 1 #Recipes

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Happy Monday! Since we are back to school meal planning has to be done ahead of time, so I’m back on the search for those quick and easy dinners that can fit the weekday demands. Insert being healthy and fitting for a picky kid whether by adapting the recipe I find or just making it as is. Today I thought I’d share a few recipes that caught my eye and are on my weekly meal plan list.

These are recipes I haven’t tried. I’ll be sure to report back to you if I adapted it, how I thought it fit into our meal plan and if we gave it a thumbs up or shrug. I came across a few recipes and this is how I am going to use them this week. Save the recipes for yourself, add the recipes to a meal plan, mix and match to your meal plans, substitute items or just save/print meal plan to use later. Any way you use it I hope it saves you the stress of searching out recipes and leaves you more time for helping with homework, crafting or other activities!

Meal Plan Monday Recipe List Week

To make things easier I am numbering the meal plans in order to keep some as-semblance to them. I will make a page for them to be easily found. If you are new here I typically have a Meal Plan or Meal Plan Recipe each Monday. You can use the search for previous Meal Plan Recipes! Be sure to subscribe or follow on Facebook so you don’t miss out!

If you have recipes you love that are easy and think I would enjoy leave me a link in the comments, if you are a blogger share your link to a specific recipe in my weekly link-up on Friday’s Inspiration Spotlight posts.

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Meal Plan Monday Week 1

Day One Meal:

Day Two Meal:

This recipe has chicken meat, veggies and beans. No need for anything else or add a side salad.This recipe will use the left overs from day one, I am also adapting it and will share that recipe with you soon!

Day Three Meal:

  • Pot Stickers (store bought if I run out of time)
  • Fried Rice
  • Green Beans

Day Four Meal:

Day Five Meal:

  • Left overs or Pizza

Day Six Meal:

Day Seven Meal:

  •  Left overs

Here is a Vegetarian Pot Sticker Recipe if you prefer. Additionally you can just use beans and add rice to the Chicken Enchilada Casserole listed above. If you are looking for other meal options you can search the site here, check the recipes category and search meal plan Monday. I hope that these recipes save you some time for your meal plan. Happy Cooking!

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Meal Plan Monday #Recipes Week 1


  • Day Two Meal:

    • Chicken Enchilada Casserole
    • Day Three Meal:

      • Pot Stickers
      • store bought if I run out of time
      • Fried Rice
      • Green Beans
      • Day Four Meal:

        • Zucchini Parmesan Pasta
        • Day Five Meal:

          • Left overs or Pizza
          • Day Six Meal:

            • Grilled Steak
            • Salad
            • Potatoes
            • Day Seven Meal:

              •  Left overs
              • Instructions

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                3. href="
                4. href="
                6. href="


                What day of the week do you meal plan and shop for the week?

                For other recipe visit meal planning or recipe gallery

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