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Hey all, Creative Live Photo Week is one of the biggest live online photography events of the year! Packed full of information to help you improve in the areas of  your photography  that you’re seeking help with! I took a few of the classes last year. I would of joined in more but, I found out late. But, this year I am setting aside my entire week to learning from the live event.

The great thing about this event is you have the option of viewing live for free just by signing up. Or purchasing to have a recording of one or all the photography classes to view at your convenience. I’m going to give you a few of these details below. PS. if you don’t see this prior to the event and miss out don’t worry just go sign up for any of the live e classes or events that are currently happening. But, this Photo event is only once a year! Sign up *free so you don’t miss out!

Photography Tips |

What you get with these Creative Live Online Photography Classes;

  • 30 complete classes
  •  On-demand access *With purchase, watch for free when classes are live when you sign up!
  •  Exclusive bonus materials
  • E-classes for many levels of photography and skill level boosters *from beginning to pro
  • If you purchased these online classes separately the value would be $1270.00
  • Again you can sign up for free or purchase the recordings to have all the time
  •  There are too many e classes to mention but, I will list a few then you can head over to see some for yourself!

Now are you beginning to see why I am so excited about it?!

Photography Tips | Free online photography e course event What types of photography tips are you looking for? Below is a list of some of the 30 online photography tips, e-courses that are being offered to help you improve. At the end of the post I’ve shared a link to a blog post where I share notes, behind the blog key take away s from my learning at Creative Live Event’s course that I watched last year.

Food Photography Master Class

Creative Live Photo Week Photography Event Class Lineup;

  • Marketing Your Photography
  • Working With Flash
  • How to Edit in Adobe Photoshop Elements
  • Photography Tips for Everybody
  • Natural Light
  • Head Shots
  • Food Photography
  • Food Photography for Instagram

Remember their are 30 online classes to pick from in this event!

Online Photography Classes | Photography Tips for Everyone

Sign up for free or you can get classes individually or buy an entire package. But, what ever you do you don’t want to miss out on this live event! I learned so much last year just off of three classes.

Photo Week |Online Photography classes | Online photo event


  •  Complete classes
  •  On-demand access *With purchase, watch for free when classes are live when you sign up!
  •  Exclusive bonus materials
  • Join in Photo Week

I sure hope you join in Photo Week! I’ll be there learning and tweeting as I’m joining in. Again If you miss out on the timing for this event with online photography classes visit here to see all the online photography classes free live and to purchase to keep.

Here’s last year’s recap creative live event classes I took and how it helped me.

What areas of photography are you wanting to improve on?

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