Little Things, Big Things Autumn Photography & a #Freebie

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How is your week going? This is the season when things start to ramp up. Sometimes we forget the little things. It’s ok to slow down. To miss a day of blogging, doing, going, rushing. At least that is what the Mr. tells me when I get too many things on my plate & start to feel overwhelmed. Does that ever happen to you? I have been taking a few online classes & although I had some things in the works they just didn’t get finished to post yesterday. The other night my servers were being moved on my hosting site. If you noticed me missing that is probably why. It will happen again soon as my host  finishes up. Big & Little….Life,  blog interruptions. Today I am sharing a few photographs of some recent photography I took, along with what is going on behind the scenes.

Old English Bulldog, dog,

I stepped outside my door & was taking quite a few fall photographs. I am putting together a ebook & book of  nature photographs. The day I was taking photographs my puppy followed me all over. I kept pushing him gently & laughing as I got close to the ground to take some photographs of leaves. Your in my way again, I would say to him & nudge him out of the shot. Then have to re focus. I think he finally gave up & realized he would just have to wait to the side. As I was about to leave the area I saw him laying on the ground & took this shot. I wanted to remember why I love him. His sweetness, patience & loyalty.

color block, autumn leaves, color inspiration,

I put together an image & made a little color inspiration template. I am working on ideas for digital downloads. Since I have to test the settings on a shop this is something I made as a test. I’ll be sure to announce when I have it all together.

Yesterday I promised Sammie we would go for an outing, she gets out early on Wednesdays & that is what we did. I decided to focus on her & get her outside along with getting us both off the computer. After our late lunch, we packed up a few things & took a short fall walk. Oh, the colors. Greens, yellows, deep reds.

Autumn Day, Girl playing instrument outside, Theresa Huse 2013

I had her bring a few things & we stopped by a tree we have been admiring in full flame, red leaves everywhere. We took a few photos, then a few more. Then Sammie took a couple of her own shots with the camera. She’s changing like the leaves on the trees. I took as many shots as I could before she tired of me & wanted to head back. I have some editing to do now.

I am thankful it’s fall, for our time out together. Thankful for my readers who understand sometimes you just need to break away. Thankful my site is still here since they are moving things.


Feel free to use my little side bar thankful image to enjoy on your site! & I’d love it if you liked my FaceBook page  or subscribe as a way to say thank you & stay in touch. If you have an iPhone there is a digital download for a fall wallpaper for iPhone 5 on my FB page too. Be sure to grab it. If you have an iPhone 4-4s I’ll switch it out soon or you can leave me a comment & I will get you the file if you already liked my page. I can only have one download at a time up there. Let me know in comments if you want the other size. You can hop over there & check it out. Next week a big freebie coming  so stay tuned.

What is your favorite thing about fall?

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  1. My favorite thing about the fall is definitely the changes in the color of the leaves. The tree in my backyard is so pretty when I drive up to the house. Fall is just wonderful…the leaves, the temperature, football.

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