Craft Patterns : Best Halloween Costume Patterns To Sew & Crochet

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Every year we start early on our quest for craft patterns and the best Halloween pattern ideas. This gives us time to sew up a few costumes for Halloween. We have created vampires, witches, red riding hood, snow white, straw men, firemen and various others. Last year I made two different costumes. One a little house on the prairie for my grand daughter and the other an evil witch for Sammie. There is no lack of ideas and inspiration when it comes to finding costumes or patterns for Halloween costumes for every age of child to adult.

I have rounded up a few ideas to help you out with finding the kids Halloween patterns. Be sure to follow on Pinterest with boards full of Halloween ideas, crafts, party ideas and costume ideas. There is plenty of ideas for the older kids and adults there too. This year and next year we have a few little ones who will be joining the Halloween festivities. Of course you have to dress them up too. I hope you enjoy these costume patterns I have rounded up. Looking for older kids costumes? I listed a few at the end of the post or visit here for more older kids-teens Costume Ideas.

Craft Patterns

Halloween Costume Patterns

Costume Patterns| Woodland Customs wolf fox red riding hood

Halloween Mask & Sewing Patterns | 1.Wolf Mask | 2. Fox Mask & Tail | 3. Little Red Riding Hood Cape & Skirt

What’s amazing is we were searching through photos recently for my daughter and came across a few Halloween ones. They were of photo props my brother and I made for the Halloween carnival. What a throw back I’ll have to share them with you but, for now onto the roundup.

Craft Patterns
Woodland Creatures

Craft Patterns | Halloween Costume Ideas | Sewing Patterns

Halloween Cape Patterns | 1. Deer Pattern  | 2. Cape Pattern | 3. Peacock Cape Pattern

I’ve always loved costumes inspired by fairy tale books and woodland creatures.

Craft Patterns


Craft Patterns, Crafts Halloween Costume Patterns - Crochet Costume Patterns. JPG

Crochet Halloween Patterns| 1. Candy Corn Baby | 2. Scare Crow Hat | 3. Giraffe

If I only could crochet well enough these patterns are adorable! I would love to give my daughter a candy corn costume for her little girl and then she could pass it on next year to our newest member who will arrive in February. Do you crochet or know someone who would love to make these Halloween patterns?

Craft Patterns

Sewing & Crochet

Craft Patterns, Crafts Halloween Costume Patterns- Star Wars

Star Wars Costume Patterns| 1. Princess Leia | 2. Storm Trooper | 3. Ewok

Lastly, you know that Star Wars is going to be hot on the costume list this year! Who wouldn’t love a little Princess Leia or other Star Wars Character?

Have you started to think about making costumes for your kids?

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