Perseid Meteor Shower & Meteor Viewing Tips

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Dear Creatives, Over the past few nights we have been star gazing & watching the Perseid Meteor Shower. Have you? Today I thought I would share how you can still possibly get a glimpse of this meteor shower or be ready for the next one!

All you have to do is make sure you:

  • view between 10pm & pre dawn
  • make sure you are away from city lights (the darker the area the better)
  • use your eyes ( a telescope or binoculars can be used but, it seems to obstruct your field of vision )
  •  be in an area with a wide field of vision, a mountain top or field ( less trees, houses means better chances )
  • For Perseid Meteor Shower: Face the general direction of north-northeast, but take in as wide an expanse of sky as possible ( for this meteor shower, different meteor showers are located in different regions & areas in the sky)  
  • Check a meteor shower calendar to see when they are happening in what regions ( see below for calendar )


Source: google.com via Susie on Pinterest


Do you want to encourage interest in science for your kids or even help yourself? NASA’s free app; app for Android & app for Apple  that is a Meteor Counter. Yes, NASA wants our help in tracking meteors. & here is a free meteor shower calendar app. Of course if you look around some more via your app. stores I am sure you can find more great science & astronomy apps.To find out more science & astromony information visit NASA

Here is a great free calendar with information from SeaSky.Org 


Source: space.com via Cindy on Pinterest



To view some great photos & links to others photos from around the world visit UniversityToday.com/Perseid Meteor Shower 

Did you try & view any meteor showers over the weekend? 

Don’t forget to try viewing tonight if you can! 

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