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I thought I would share a few things that made me smile today. Plus a few fashion mood boards. Because you know I’m all about that mama, ’bout that mama, no treble. I’m all about that mama. Ladies, it’s all about that mom life for most of us and for some reason I have been putting music lyrics into words. And fashions into mood boards. 

Maybe I’m just trying to stay sane right now, while stuck indoors. Songs like, my Sharona is oh, no my corona (the virus that is). Or maybe it’s because my teen has free time at home vs. school and is using me as a Tik Tok video when getting my coffee before makeup. Aha! And then sharing with her friends for a good laugh.

I’m just trying to embrace the mess and not getting things done because when my teen is done with her homework we talk, make cookies, binge watch shows on Netflix… Speaking by which stay tuned for a new list of our favorite shows right now. Oh, you’ll love it! 

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Fashion Mood Board

Grab your coffee and enjoy today’s mood board designs. No coffee? Say What? A day without coffee is like… Back to the real, real. Right now, to share my current mood and mood boards that I made and hopefully make you smile.


Fashion Mood Board - Wanderlust- Current Mood - DearCreatives.com

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Mom Life

We’ve had to cancel trips to travel to Carmel, a visit Austin where my daughter and her family moved to.

And who knows what will happen to our desert trip to drop off Sammie at college in Arizona. But, she is desert bound after this high school year. I think she might grow to miss the beach but, at least she will come home for visits. 

Honestly, she is holding up good for a senior having senior life rocked to the core. (insert sad mama face) If the school doesn’t hold graduation the only thing good about that is that she won’t see me balling like a baby on her special day.

Worse will be the day when I drop her off at college. Honestly, I tear up just thinking about it. My last baby, off to college. What a world of unknowing we live in right now, but I still hold on to the bright future. Big, messy, life. 

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Fashion Mood Board - Mom Life T Shirts - Current Mood - DearCreatives.coom

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I love making fashion mood boards and interior design mood boards. And mood boards for color inspiration.

Let me know if you like seeing mood boards, for me, it’s like a kitten purring. My favorite sound, just in case you didn’t know.

Thinking about all the mamas out there, ladies with teens and everyone who is caring for kids. Sending you a virtual, you got this! 

xoxo Theresa 

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