Open Letter To My Daughter | See How To Nominate Your Teen For #YoplaitGoBig Contest!

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Do you have a tween or teenager?? Maybe you have more than one?? Some of you may already know my daughter Sammie from being here on the site helping me with projects, behind the scenes back up photographer, or being featured in beauty or fashion posts… Today I’m sharing an open letter to her. Find out why I think Sammie is one amazing teen (bonus there is a video of her playing piano below) and an example of how you can write a letter to your teen! Here’s why I love this teen (my girl) soo much. How much?? To much for words and how you can nominate your tween or teen for a contest #YoplaitGoBig

Really it’s a challenge. They are looking for amazing teens that inspire us.

What is really great about this teen challenge is you just visit the challenge page and submit a short nomination of 250 words or less to why your teen is crushing it by being amazing! Or why you think they are amazing. Winners will be receiving $3000 in cash and featured in the Go Big social media.

I knew I could never write 250 words or less, ha! But, I’ll try and then shorten it! To submit the short version.

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Open Letter


To Sammie For #YoplaitGoBig Challenge

Dear Sammie, When I think of  (you) Sammie I think of the song This Girl Is On Fire. Sometimes you have your head in the clouds. Dreaming up these amazing drawings. Other times you are writing music lyrics and songs for the piano.

But, then you always seem to have your feet on the ground and burning it down when it comes to school, music lessons or tennis. An example is when you came out to the living room the other day and told me for biology you were going to memorize the New Periodic Table Song for extra credit. I said, “what??” You showed me how cool it is to be a “geek” in the best way! I know you inspire other kids too from those who really know you to your followers on social media.

You never back down from your convictions. Whether it is to help and underdog or befriend someone who isn’t “popular” in today’s standards. You always look to ” who is ” the REAL person that you meet. You try your hardest to never be judgmental.

When your friends dad fought leukemia you said you were going to donate your long, beautiful wavy hair to support someone with cancer. I saw you spend time researching all the places who would take your hair that had been previously highlighted. How you didn’t give up on your conviction to help someone in need. Seriously, this is where I start to cry at the beautiful (girl) person you are becoming! THIS GIRL IS ON FIRE

I know we are like any mother / daughter duo. We have good days and days where the road is a catastrophe. I know (you) she can fly away. Well, maybe when your a bit older.

The dream of collage is always at your fingertips. Taking honors classes, excelling with over a 4.0. The dedication to studying late, on weekends, after tennis or school. Then how you add to your studies by learning the piano, music theory… To me it’s like your WALKING ON FIRE. But, really your a flame. So BRIGHT, you can burn our eyes.

You can try but, no one will forget your name if they truly meet the real you! You don’t worry about what others think. Your ok with yourself when you don’t wear makeup or dress up. And when you do, you are like a moth to a butterfly. Here’s the thing, YOU ARE the butterfly all the time. Some just don’t see it. As long as you do you’ll be ON TOP OF YOUR WORLD.

Let’s just keep our heads in the clouds. Let it burn baby! Cause This GIRL IS ON FIRE! Remember you’ll never be the lonely girl because I’ll always be there for you.

Love you more than words can say, mom. 462+ words?!

PS> This girl is really into music, one drama queen, loves acting and has a huge sense of humor. Like when she learned to rap the song, Aggressive Bee. Or hambones it or plays her ukulele…….


Shortened Open Letter;


OK, this is what my entry really would look like if I have to shorten it to nominate this girl! But, I stand by my long one! This girl is on fire!


Now, we’d like you to share what makes your teen or tween AMAZING by heading over to #YoplaitGoBig Facebook Page and nominate your tween or teen! It’s really easy.

The point of the open letter is to let your teens know how important they are to you. But, hey if you win it will be great because who couldn’t use receiving $3000 in cash (for college or ??) and the bonus of being featured in the Go Big social media.

Before you go here’s a few reasons we love the new #YoplaitGoBig

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Will you write an open letter to your teen?? Have you tried the new #YoplaitGoBig on the go snacks??

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