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Hey guys, it’s been a while since I talked about online classes or e courses that I’m taking. Why? I’ve been so busy I hadn’t taken any. But, you know when you feel your loosing your mojo. That’s when refreshing a skill or learning a new one helps me. Do you ever take time to learn or refresh your skills? Learning really can help in more ways than one.

For me this is true because, one I’m learning, two it helps me keep focused and not feel scattered. It forces me to plan my day better. Which in turn keeps me on track with running my site and managing my home / family. Other wise I feel like I’m on the treadmill. If you don’t blog, or run a creative business what I mean is where we write posts, shoot and edit photos, fine tune the post and then share them with you. Visit other blogs, schedule social media, run my home or…wring and repeat.

Online Classes

Craft-Maker Online Classes

Isn’t it time you learned a new skill or took an e course??


Hello, where did my personal life go?? It’s hard balancing it all? Yes, I admit sometimes. Learning, crafting, getting outdoors and even focusing on family. Yes but, by taking an online class it motivates me to get ready for the day and have a plan around my day. I’ve loved taking e-courses / online classes. I never would of gotten better at my photography or other skills without taking courses.

When I lost my mom it even helped with the depression I felt as it gave me something else to focus on. Sounds crazy but, it really did help! Later on I started my site after blogging a long time about my journaling, pouring my heart out trying to find some kind of creative path.

How I fit in taking an online class;

I typically check emails, drop Sammie off at school. Take a quick walk with the dog. Respond to comments on my daily posts and set off to learning. Next I schedule things out, order materials for projects. Take a lunch, then clean the house. After I pick up Sammie up from school we visit, snack and take a walk together. Then focus I on family until the evening. Finishing off the day with a bit more work, a show and bed. Yep, that is what a typical day may look like for me.

Other wise I’m spinning my wheels during the day, so to speak. Stay up way to late doing the things I should of done all day. Didn’t get any crafting or learning done. Wake up tired because I went to bed late, be unfocused and repeat. Uh, no!!! NO! Stop! It’s time to take an online class and be more productive!

Online Classes For Crafts / Makers And Creative Business Owners! Free!!


Where To Take Online Classes;

So where do I go when I want to learn something? I have quite a few places. One is CreativeLive have daily live course online for free to watch. Which is awesome!! Or if it’s something I really want to learn on my own time/ schedule I like to purchase them and take them. Even view them over again. When the class is live they go on sale.

  • But, right now all craft classes are on sale at 20%. Here’s a few more details.

What I’ve learned from taking online classes and why I signed up for the craft photography e course!


I love the craft/maker classes You might remember me talking about a few photography classes I took? One example is the one taught by the White On Rice couple. You can see that post here where I recap key learning or take away s from the online photography class. Looking at this post from two years ago shows how much I’ve learned over the course of time. I almost hate looking at the two photographs I shared that is how much I’ve grown by taking classes and practicing. Practicing, practicing….wring and repeat!

I saw this new online class it’s craft photography so I signed up for free. I’m always looking for ways to improve on my photography and styling. If your a blogger, crafter or artist this might be the online course for you too. It covers photography and styling. If your like me and want to take it…

The craft photography course is covering;

  • Creating affordable, photogenic backdrops and sets 
  • Capturing all kinds of textures 
  • Shooting with an iphone and DSLR camera 
  • Edits that add polish to your final images 
  • Creating a consistent look that makes your brand stand-out …..
  • Remember when their courses are live it always gets a discount for purchasing and occasionally other bonus materials! Woot!
  • If you miss out on this live course head over to see when it’s on the calendar again or to purchase it, so you don’t miss out learning!

You can find many online classes at CreativeLive they are having a special 30% for cake week! Again, the bonus is all their craft classes are on sale for a 20% discount!!

 I caught part of the live Buttercream Basics but, then I had to go pick up Sammie. The instructor shared tips for keeping frostings thick and not melting when decorating and lots of other tips. I’d love to learn how to decorate cupcakes and cakes better. Wouldn’t you??

You might enjoy their two day flash sale 30% off cake decorating classes plus 20% off all other craft classes at CreativeLive

Online classes to pick from range from photography, business, craft/maker, art, graphics and even life courses. Just pop over to see all the online classes and what’s free online live. Pick that course your interested in. Learn something new or refresh a skill. 

  • I know you don’t be disappointed. I promise to share what I loved about the new classes I’m taking next. Stay tuned on all the details!!

Don’t forget if you miss the sale you can visit and see what’s being featured on their site and on sale at any time.

What is one thing you’d like to learn before the end of the year??

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