Movie Time or BacktoSchool Snacks: Two New Flavors of #ChexMixPopped for Snacktime #PlatefullCoOp #spon

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As soon as the fair comes to town the weather heats up here and the heat won’t stop until well after back to school has started! One thing we love to do when it’s too hot to get outside is have movie and game days in addition to our regular movie nights. We love family time, pulling out our favorite games to play while watching movies and movie series. Lately Sammie has really been into the Sherlock series. One thing I love to do is have lemonade and snacks on hand. When we had the chance to try the new Chex Mix we were super excited to add it to our summer movie fun days.

Disclosure: The information and prize pack were provided by General Mills through Platefull  Co-Op.

We enjoy Chex Mix all the time but, now there are two new flavors to get excited about! Chex Mix Sweet & Salty and Chex Mix White Cheddar. They are so yummy!! The best part about the new flavors is the Chex Mix that we all know and love is mixed right inside of each bag. Chex Mixed Popped is the perfect blend of light and airy popcorn with the crunchy Check Mix pieces.

Chex Mix Popped White Cheddar and Sweet & Salty_

There is nothing like sitting on the edge of your seat while munching a yummy snack waiting to see what happens in a Sherlock mystery! Both Sammie and I like a good mystery and love Sweet & Salty Chex Mix. We all loves Chex Mix White Cheddar. These yummy #ChexMixPopped treats are perfect for anytime, movie days/nights or just needing a fun, yummy snack. Your kids might enjoy them so much you’ll want to bag some up for back to school lunches.

Girl Eating Chex Mix Popped White Cheddar _

Bonus both Chex Mix snacks are less fat than regular potato chips!!

Chex Mix Popped White Cheddar in a bowl_

Perfect because Sammie talked about snacking healthier and packing school lunches this year.

Chex Mix Popped Sweet and Salty in a bowl_

Some of our other favorite movies and movie series have been (in no particular order) :

  • Dr. Who
  • Hart of Dixie
  • The Lego Movie
  • The Hobbit
  • Sherlock

And girls: What is summer without at least one viewing of the remake of The Parent Trap? Our movie list just goes on and on this time of year.

Chex Mix Popped

Some of our favorite games are:

  • Monopoly
  • Scrabble
  • Harry Potter
  • Uno
  • Slamwich

I hope your family enjoys the new Chex Mix Popped as much as we did! If you’d like to find out more and connect with Chex you’ll find them here:

Chex website

Chex Mix on Tumblr  

Chex Mix on Facebook 

What are some of your favorite summer movies or series and family games? Have you tried the new Chex Mix Popped flavors yet?

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