Are You Ready to Makeover a Bedroom? Bedroom Ideas and Tips!

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Are you ready to update a bedroom in your home? We are sharing bedroom ideas and home decor ideas to help you plan your bedroom makeovers. Now is a great time of year to update your home’s bedrooms or guest bedrooms. Don’t make them a forgotten room in your home. Make your bedrooms look cozy and inviting for you or the guests you host at your home. 

Maybe you are planning to makeover one of your kid’s rooms? Whatever bedroom you are ready to update we are sharing tips for making over your bedrooms

Bedroom Ideas 

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Make transforming your bedrooms easy

  1. Pick your style
  2. Pick your color scheme
  3. Plan your makeover and bedroom layout
  4. Purge and Organize
  5. Donate unwanted and unused items (Goodwill Donations) / Upcycle decor for your bedroom (31 Best Websites to Score Free Stuff )
  6. Prep for painting if needed
  7. Paint (if needed)
  8. Arrange furniture
  9. Assemble bedding and hang curtains
  10. Decorate
  • Go over each of these steps and tips below to help you transform your bedroom. 
  • In this post, we have lots of bedroom ideas.
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How you can make easy changes to your bedroom’s decor?

I saw this bedroom idea and thought I might have to put a bedroom makeover on the list for myself sometime this year! I am considering getting a king bed like this or the one shown above to replace the queen bed set we have. If you remember my office makeover one of our favorite places to shop is having a sale. If you are ready to shop you might like to check this out;

Recently we took my daughter’s bedroom from looking like a kids’ room to looking like a high school student’s room! Only one more year until she’s a senior. 

Teen Girl Bedroom Ideas 

We decided to give her bedroom a makeover because the colors were dated, the entire room needed a refresh, and the furniture was hodgepodge of stuff from when she was younger. 

  •  I’ll just give you an overview of what’s going on and tips for how to makeover a bedroom

Teenage Bedroom Ideas for Small Rooms

We have always let my daughter pick her own colors so saying goodbye to magenta will not be hard for me, lol. She picked a bright light blue color called sigh and for one accent wall area cucumber. It’s already looking 100% better. 

Using a paint and primer in one makes it easier to cover wall colors.

See the image below but, it doesn’t give the color justice and the cucumber color hasn’t been painted yet in this photo. More photos coming.

Tips for painting a small room

  1. Light color paint will brighten a room up making it feel more open
  2. But, don’t be afraid to use color
  3. Bold colors like the magenta are better used on one wall vs an entire room
  4. Grab a few paint color ideas for kids and teen rooms here or use online color picking paint tools
  5. Read a book like YOUR COLOR STORY (see this post for a review of the book and how we used it for our living room makeover)

Bedroom Makeover in progress

painting over old color with a new brighter paint color room makeover ideas DearCreatives.com

I actually have been working on it for a while. She has a desk full of music stuff and books. We organized this after the painting was done, as we were moving the placement of furniture for a better room flow.

Start Bedroom Makeovers by  

  1. Pulling off window coverings (curtains or blinds)
  2. Dusting
  3. Cleaning windows and window sills (window sill cleaner)
  4. Purge unneeded items, clothes, and books (donate them)
  5. Organize your stuff (Grab boxes 1 for keeping, 1 for unsure, 1 for donating, plus a trash bag. It will help make things easier)

After all this, we gave her room a new life by painting it. I can’t wait to show you a few upcycle projects we did for her room. I am hoping that her bulletin board will still fit in with the new theme.

Decorating ideas by upcycling furniture

Have you ever done a furniture makeover? We have done several like our dresser to kitchen island and vanity to the coffee cart. For Sam’s bedroom, we did a furniture makeover to a vintage chair. We painted it, and covered with faux fur. And we also upcycled a nightstand with chalk paint. Both tutorials coming soon. 

Easy ways to update any bedroom

Bedroom Makeover Ideas 

Add or change bedroom sets, chairs, and if you have enough room get a desk 

I’ll save bedroom set ideas for another day but, this is what we are thinking for my teen’s bedroom.

She’s never had a bed frame so we are thinking of getting a trundle bed or day bed lounger for her room. I have a feeling we might end up with the manila trundle day bed or something similar as it can sleep more than one. Which is perfect when she has a friend over or when family comes to visit. I can’t wait to share her room all done. 

Sammie is into music and has a small recording studio set up in her room, with her computer and computer desk with a hutch. Offsetting all the hardware we are sticking with feminine themed decor. Room for seating is also important for when friends are over. Chairs, floor cushions, bean bag chairs… 

Need more ideas for a teen girls room? 

  1. 10 Girly Bedroom Ideas
  2. 15 Easy Upgrades for a Teen Girls Room

Guest Room Makeover

comforter set for guest room or college room 5 Piece Room Essentials Comforter Set

You might remember when I shared a few updates for our guest room? I didn’t share the full before / after yet. (more photo editing to do) That was a summer project we have almost finished. Bed sets like the one we purchased make it easy to make a bedroom look totally different without changing everything. 

Ideas for girls bedrooms and home decor ideas DearCreatives.com

Little Girl Bedroom Ideas

When I was shopping online I spotted this set of mermaid sheets and mermaid pillowcases which I might get for my granddaughters. I had purchased them the cutest, and PRETTIEST mermaid blankets EVER mermaid blankets with tails when they came to visit. We got Riley to give up her security blanket in exchange. Grandma in for the win! Target has more mermaid blankets if you are looking ahead for birthdays…

Which room will you start a makeover with? 

If you are looking for comforter sets, sheets, and other bedroom items Target has a great selection shop home decor

Looking for more ideas for your home decor?


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