Remember Julie & Julia “Finding Your Passion”

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Dear Creatives, I hope this finds you having a wonderful Labor day. We are relaxing behind the scene today, Sammie with her arm elevated & watching many movies. I have to say I got the biggest smile when the movie Julie & Julia was on. I seem to never tire of the story. How Julia Childs kept searching for her passion, until she found it & then let no one stop her! & of the other Julia, Julie Powell gives herself a challenge: to cook her way through Julia Child’s Mastering the Art of French Cooking in one year, and to blog about it. Julie Powell begins to find her groove as a cook, and her voice as a writer, the project takes on a life of its own–and in the end it does provide the struggling young woman with her life’s purpose, to her very pleasant surprise.

Julie Powell published the book in 2005, the movie Julia & Julia 2009. To find more about her visit this Wikipedia Page. Some of my favorite scenes include of course how everything is better with butter which reminds me of my grandma’s cooking, when she cooks the lobster (her husband comes to the rescue) & her 30th birthday party.

I love the whole story of seeing the journey of Julia Child. I just love movies; how they can make you escape from the everyday things that aren’t going just right or when you are healing, bringing you to another place & time……

Artist Lisa Congdon

& better yet that they can remind you of a message or give you an affirmation~

I love this quote from Julia Child; Find something your passionate about & stay tremendously interested in it. 

What are some of your favorite movies? 

What are you passionate about?

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