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Blogger Interview:Ruth @ Captain America & His English Rose

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Dear Creatives, Today I am going to share a blogger interview & introduce you to a blogger. I interviewed a fellow blogger Ruth at Captain America & His English Rose. Ruth will be co-hosting this weeks Inspiration Spotlight  & I wanted you to get to know Ruth of Captain America & His English Rose before the party!

Blog Interview Theresa with Ruth of Captain America & His English Rose- Inspiration Spotlight co host DearCreatives

I hope you enjoy the blog interview & Meeting Ruth from Captain America & His English Rose now

Introducing Ruth @ Captain America & His English Rose

1) Why / How you started to blog?

I started to blog in February 2013. The inspiration came from two main sources….one, my best friend Deborah who months ago suggested I start a blog! My answer was “I can barely write a Facebook status update, what on earth would I blog about?” But she got me thinking? What would I blog about and why? The second reason was boredom! As a newlywed, in the process of becoming a Legal Resident in the US, and therefore not being allowed to work, I was stuck at home for hours everyday, while my husband was at work, in our tiny apartment with nothing to do! I was cooking at every opportunity, and climbing the walls in my spare time! I needed a purpose, a focus. I believe God reminded me of what Deborah had said and challenged me to use my voice for Him! In doing so I found the purpose and focus I was looking for.

2) What do you blog about & how did you come up with the name?

My husband, Todd, gained his Captain America nickname after I saw The Avengers movie, we were engaged at the time and I thought it was cute. He’s built like Captain America (except even hotter in my humble opinion!), is honorable, defends those he loves and fights for what he believes in…so what better title for him. The English Rose part of the title is me, Ruth! I was born and raised in England, and then moved halfway across the world to California in 2007….the Rose part is less me as I don’t really see myself as ‘the delicate flower type’, however Todd says I have my ‘delicate moments’ when I think no-one is looking, so maybe the flower analogy is more apt than I care to admit!

The blog is about our life primarily, the things I love, the things that challenge me, the things that make me think, the things I am doing, the things I feel challenged to share with others. I love food, hence al the recipes; my husband and I joke that food is our 6th Love Language! I love to cook and bake.

Click here for more information about us.

3) How long have you been blogging?

Since February 2013…..so I am still learning the ropes, struggling, failing, winning…..but I love what I do so I keep on writing and trusting God to do the rest 🙂

4) I enjoy cooking and baking because….

I want to show people that delicious recipes DO NOT have to be complicated and DO NOT require years at Culinary School! I learn’t to cook and bake from people around me, and by trying things out…sometimes they were successful and sometimes the results were dreadful. I’m always surprised when people get overwhelmed while cooking or baking, as it can be so simple and produce beautiful, delicious results. My aim is to help people do that by sharing the little I know, in a step-by-step guide.

5) Do you ever blog in your pj’s?

The question should probably be do I ever NOT blog in my PJ’s??? I tend to do most of my writing in the mornings, so I am still in my PJ’s with bed head!! Most of the time I get caught up in what I am doing and totally lose track of time, so I am often still in my PJ’s at noon….or much later!!!

6) Favorite big blog? Favorite newbie blog?

My favorite big blog is: In The Name of Love by Bianca Olthoff. She is a fellow Christian, we are the same age, and she too is married to a Pastor. I discovered all of this AFTER I fell in love with her blog. She is the Chief Storyteller for The A21 Campaign, a Global Anti-Human Trafficking organization – another passion of mine and my husband. I am yet to read a blog post by her that does not make me laugh, cry or full a passion in me! I fully identify with her, we are passionate about the same things and she inspires me!

My favorite newbie (ish!) blog is: On The Willows. I am friends with many of the contributors, which is how I discovered the blog. I love that it is a blog by women who are passionate about what they believe in and they share so beautifully. I am truly inspired by every blog post, and knowing many of the women personally I know that they write with truth and integrity based on their real lives….something that is often hard to find!

7) If you could be meet any blogger who would it be?

This is really difficult as I would like to meet so many! Ree Drummond – The Pioneer Woman, as I would like to cook and bake with her…and pick her brains about how she does what she does! Bianca Olthoff for the reasons I listed in question 6! Jon Acuff as I think he is hilarious! And…….any blogger who is doing a similar thing to me, but better than me…so I can pick their brains!

8) Early bird or Night Owl?

Neither! Does that make me a lightweight??? I don’t really like early mornings and I tend to fall asleep before midnight…..wow I sound so old right now! It depends on the occasion, but because I am a people person, I can stay up late or get up early for the right group of friends!!!

9) Favorite food?

Impossible question! The only viable answer is ANYTHING DELICIOUS! I really do mean that, I will eat nearly anything at least once, if it is delicious I will eat way too much of it and probably regret it!!!

10) Favorite book? movie? television show?

Book: My husband will vouch for me that I HATE reading books….sorry to all you book lovers, but it really is the last thing I would ever choose to do! However I have just recently read Real Marriage by Mark & Grace Driscoll. I love this book! It is an excellent insight into Christian marriage and a great read for me as anew Pastor’s wife!

Movie: I have about a thousand favorite movies….far too many to list here! The most recent favorite that comes to mind is Les Miserables! I loved the movie, the singing EVERYTHING! I was so excited about it I cried just watching the preview! I have been a huge fan of Les Mis for years and years since seeing it in the West End in London, it gives me chills everytime!

Television Show: Again, I have a few! Recently, I really enjoyed The Following…I like a really gritty thriller! I loved Downton Abbey, of course! I have a thing for trashy shows too….I love The Bachelor, The Bachelorette and Bachelor Pad, and my husband I like The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills!!

My one blogging tip is also a link to my favorite blog posts: Rachel Schultz is a fellow Christian and primarily a food blogger. In my very early days of blogging I found her and read a couple of articles she wrote about blogging. I was challenged and inspired by her. Here are some of those articles: Blogging For A Career, A Day In The Life, Blog Turns 1

Where you can find Captain America & His English Rose:

Thanks Ruth of Captain America & His English Rose for letting us get to know you better from the blogger interview & see you back here tomorrow for the Inspiration Spotlight link party! Want to be the next blogger interviewed & co-host, just email me & we can talk! 

What is a blogging tip that you can share with Ruth of Captain America & His English Rose


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