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Do you want to get better at photography for a hobby? Or maybe for your blog? Or maybe your focus for learning is like mine;  taking better, higher quality product shots. Right now Craftsy has some new photography classes along with one that I signed up for & started taking for product photography. I want to tell you a little about the classes & also let you know that the Shoot it Class is on sale right now!

In the Shoot It Class you learn the fundamentals of composition & color, directing your model, capitalizing on features your camera has. How to plan & execute a photo shoot & even making a storyboard. The class is taught by Caro Sheridan. She is also the co-author of Knitting It Old School. Over 5000 students have enrolled in this class including me. I am not even all the way through the class & think that it’s helped my product shots.

undercut legwarmers

This is one of Caro’s product shots & she has a free pattern for the under cut leg warmers if you are a knitter.

Shoot It: Product Photography Class

Shoot It Class Sign up now for a 40% Savings!

  • $29.99
  • Regular $49.99 (40% Off!)

Shoot It Class teaches:

  • How to plan and execute a photoshoot from start to finish Making a storyboard and shot list to create the story you want to tell
  • What a pro keeps in her tool kit – from lipstick to legal forms
  • How to capitalize on the fancy features of whatever camera you have
  • Directing your model and getting the hero shot
  • Photo fundamentals like composition and color
  • The basics of digital editing – without expensive software

Other photography classes besides the Shoot It: Product Photography Class are:

  • Studio Portrait Lighting
  • Landscape Photography: Great Sand Dunes
  • Shooting Intimate Landscapes (this class looks amazing! I have been practicing but, am interested in this one to improve on my skills)
  • Portraits With an On-Camera Speedlight (I am interested in this one too!)
  • Off-Camera Flash Photography with Neil van Niekerk

Just visit via the image for all the photography classes & via the link above for Shoot it!

If you enjoy photography as much as I do I bet you’ll love these classes & remember Craftsy has a 100% guarantee!

When is the last time you took a photography class?

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