#Music: Exciting Benefits for Kids by Taking Music & Art Lessons

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Did you know music helps with the learning & understanding of language? I have always exposed my kids to music from infancy-toddler-hood on. First it was from having music Cd’s playing while they went to sleep or ate. Having play time with movement & music. Then by age 2 with introducing them to various musical instruments & as they got older by having them take lessons in their area of interest. Whether it be piano, guitar or voice…

Sammie is taking classical piano & sings daily but, is not taking voice lessons yet. But, since her dad plays drums & guitar she also has access to learning those instruments in the home. We felt it was important to give her professional training in at least one area of music. Maybe later we’ll ad in the voice lessons. There are many benefits to learning music such as; musical training improves memory, language skills and listening skills. It also teaches them discipline and work ethic, teaching them to work hard & be patient.

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Studies have shown that music leads to improved ability to learn a second language. Studies have also shown connections between musical training and higher scores in both reading and math. Recent studies have shown that students who studied music go on to achieve higher scores on average than students who did not study music.

At the end of the school year Sammie had taken a test & passed a full grade level of math. She also reads at high school level although she is only entering 6th grade. I am super proud of her & her efforts. I have seen the benefits first hand of music & learning. Lessons for ages for 5-19 years olds are a great benefit. Creativity, music & learning help with their educational growth.

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Finding a qualified teacher isn’t always easy! Trust me. We have interviewed, gone to solo lessons to see if the teacher was the right fit, what their style was like…. It’s a process but, with TakeLessons.com (see discount code & more info at end of postthey help students and families find safe, pre-qualified  private music teachers, art instructors and academic tutors throughout the US.

I love this idea & wish I would of know about them when I was looking. I’ll be sure to use them when I get Sammie her voice lessons. It would of been a great help to have pre-qualified teachers to pick from in our area. Check out this great info-graphic, as the benefits of music are too many to mention. See all the great minds!

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Education in music and the arts helps children learn to think about problems creatively, finding multiple solutions to problems. What is not to love about music?

TakeLessons helps students and families find safe, pre-qualified  private music teachers, arts instructors and academic tutors throughout the US. Find your teacher & sign up for lessons at TakeLessons.com or give them a call at 855-684-5482. Get 20% off your music or tutoring lessons with coupon code MUSIC2

Do you or your kids play a musical instrument, sing or create art? 

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