How To Make a Tea Latte At Home – Maple Apple Cider

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The colder it gets the more I drink tea and tea lattes. How about you? Make this tea latte at home. This is a delicious, Maple Apple Cider Tea Latte. You can make it for yourself (or guests) in just 5 minutes’ time.

Do you enjoy drinking tea and tea lattes? I love making tea lattes at home. They are easy to make! Let me show you how.


Make A Tea Latte Latte At Home

How to make a tea latte at home - Herbal teas to drink - seasonal blends of teas - DearCreatives.com

How to make a tea latte at home? All you need are a cup or mug, hot water, herbal teas, a frother, or a small pot. Enjoy steeping up a piping hot tea to drink in minutes. See the instructions for making them below, along with the recipe.

Have you ever tried making a tea latte at home? It’s so easy to make a tea late and they are so delicious! Personally, I drink tea in the evenings that don’t have caffeine, reserving tea with caffeine for the daytime. What about you?

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Maple Apple Cider Tea Latte

What you will need to make a tea latte at home

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Let’s make it!


How To Make A Tea Latte

Steps for how to make a tea latte at home - DearCreatives.com
how to make a tea latte


  1. Steam your water to boiling. Add the hot water to the cup or mug.
  2. Open and add your favorite tea bags to the cup of hot water. Steep the tea for 5 minutes.
  3. In a steamer/frother prepare the milk.
  4. Pour the steamed, frothed milk into a large cup
  5. Then pour the steeped tea into the milk, until the cup is filled.
  6. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon to your liking.
  7. Enjoy!

For this tea drink, I steeped the tea for 5 minutes to get a nice tea concentration. You can use other flavors of tea to make tea lattes too.

Use a tea kettle or microwave to heat the water. A milk steamer/frother for warming the milk (these are the ones I own for making tea and tea lattes). Optionally, you can heat the milk or non-dairy milk on the stovetop in a pot or microwave (although this will not give you foam for the drink).

Happy Tea Drinking!

See how to make a tea latte. Easy and delicious. - Maple Apple Cider Tea Latte © DearCreatives.com

I love how it makes layers with the tea. To do this pour the teas straight down the middle of the steamed milk with the foam on the top! Finish the drink with as much ground cinnamon as you like. I like a latte. Wink, wink.

I did receive Stash Teas for free to try, along with this recipe for this tea latte. It was so good!

The Maple Apple Cider Tea has a hint of maple and apple cider taste. I love that it is naturally sweet, making adding sweeteners like honey or sugar optional.

  • 100% Natural Ingredients
  • Rooibos, Hibiscus, Cinnamon, Maple Flavor, Nutmeg, Apple Flavor and Caramel Flavor
  • This is a decaffeinated tea, so make this any time of the day or night to warm up with.

Stash Teas Limited Edition Flavors

Right now, you can find Stash Teas at retailers like Target, Amazon. Or go here to purchase Stash Teas Limited Edition Fall Teas and Holiday Sampler Gift Box or head over to discover their other herbal tea blends. With over 150 teas to pick from and their Limited Edition Holiday Teas, I’m sure you will find your next favorite flavor of teas to drink or gift your favorite tea drinker!

Stash Teas - Stash Limited Edition Teas - © DearCreatives.com

Other Stash tea recipes to try; Cozy Cinnamon Tea Steamer, Maple Cider Tea Hot Toddy, Snicker Doodle Mug Cake… I can’t wait to try a few more and share them with you.

Looking for more drinks to make?

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